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krEveryKneeShallBow.tif'Every Knee Shall Bow'  J. Kirk Richards
krEveryKneeShallBow.tif ‘Every Knee Shall Bow’ J. Kirk Richards

The purpose for this article is not to defend God, He can do that all by Himself; but I am here to defend the hope that is in me.[1] I serve a God who is love;[2] who gave us a free will and freedom to even reject and hate Him. Because of this freedom, evil exist; but only in this freedom can true love flow! How can it be love if it is forced?[3]

         Make no mistake about it; God is also a redeemer who will indeed redeem all of His people from the devastations of sin, the secular world and demonic forces. Evil itself will have a final hour; it will be a total and eternal extermination. Because of His indescribable love for us, Jesus gave His life as the ultimate atonement for sin, so that whosoever believes in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.[4]

         I know that there are injustices, much pain and many tears in this world; but I am here to tell you that my God is also a judge; how can He be so loving, but also be a judge? Only He can, for His judgments are true and righteous![5]

         Whether you agree or not, I am here to tell you that you are a sinner; somebody has to tell you! There is none good[6], not even you! All of us are guilty of sin and fallen short of the glory of God[7]. Whether you agree or not, I am here to tell you that you must repent of your sins and believe in Jesus as the only one with the authority to be Lord and Savior. This is an ancient message as true today as it was 2,000 years ago.

         Whether you agree or not, God has a plan for you, the perfect plan, so much better than the very best you can wish for yourself. God is a good God,[8] who is not in the business of harming you, but is in the business of blessing you.[9] We are now in the times of grace; times where He can be found, but that door will one day be close forever.[10] There is love now; a reaching out, a heartfelt evangelism and commission; but the wraths of God will come later to purge the earth from all evil.

         Beloved, whether you agree or not, your knees and every knee in the world that ever existed will bow before HIM and, every tongue that ever existed will simultaneously confess His Lordship.[11] Soften your heart, for my God has made His existence obvious[12], and let Him into your soul. Whether you agree or not… this is the TRUE!

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