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Surpluses in The United States Of America

This is just a little research I did a couple of years ago! Guys, only 12 surpluses since 1941?

White House, Sen, House

YearPresident’s NamePresident’s PartyHouseSenateAmount (B)
1947Harry TrumanDemocratRR $42.11
1948Harry TrumanDemocratDD $114.56
1949Harry TrumanDemocratDD $5.88
1951Harry TrumanDemocratDD $54.95
1956Dwight EisenhowerRepublicanDD $33.62
1957Dwight EisenhowerRepublicanDD $28.33
1960Dwight EisenhowerRepublicanDD $2.36
1969Richard NixonRepublicanDD $20.38
1998Bill ClintonDemocratRR $99.28
1999Bill ClintonDemocratRR $176.16
2000Bill ClintonDemocratRR $320.76
2001George BushRepublicanRD $168.16
So what can we say about these numbers:
1.  Since 1941, that is, in 75 years, the United States has only experimented 12 years of Budget Surplus.
The rest of the 63 years have been deficits.
2. Only Five Presidents are a part of this prestigious group of Surpluses. 5 Republicans and 7 Democrats.
3. With…

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