The Challenges of Parenting this Selfie Generation


In today’s world, perhaps more than in any other time in history, it is a greater challenge to be a parent. This is the most rebellious generation ever! I have seen children who don’t know yet how to properly sanitize their derriere, disrespect their parent publicly with no consequences or fear of any.

         Now, let’s face it, we can’t control our children’s hearts, their wants and what moves them to passion. We can’t make them want to do this or that with the right attitude. We can’t control what they will embrace as truth the moment they move out of our homes or even while they are in our homes. In the Bible, we see examples of Godly men whose children turned against them and against God Himself.

         So what do we have control over? We have control over what we allow and don’t allow in our homes; we have control over consequences for those sons and daughter who decide to rebel against what we have established. We have control over declaring and carrying out that we will serve the Lord and the Lord only. For those adult kids who feel that because they are 18 they can do whatever they want and come and go as they please, we have the divine authority to usher them out of our homes and into reality, to a place they can call their own.

         For those 17 and under kids who act as if they know everything and as if we, as parent, must bow down to their fabulousness, to start, 1) we can take away their access to the internet. They can go to the Library for Homework, 2) we can exchange their smart phones for dumb phone from Wal-Mart. I am talking about a phone where the only thing they can do is talk with a limit of 50 minutes a month; after that your phone goes dead automatically. 3) While we are added, they can close every social media they are a part of. If they can live without selfies, we can buy them one of those old fashion Kodak cameras that give you your photo instantly; remember? All you have to do is blow on the photo a few times and boom there is your selfie!  And just because we love them so much, we can buy them an album where they can organize all of their selfies like we used to do back in the day. Oh, if they miss texting and communicating with their social media friends, we can throw in some pens, paper, envelops and stamps so they can write some letters and, we can encourage them to send them their best selfies photos that they took with the Kodak camera.

         In all seriousness, our job is to teach our kids the commands of Jesus and how to abide in them. Our job is to give them life lessons so when they get old, when we are no longer around, they can remember what we tried to teach them. They have the choice to be wise and enjoy the benefits of a Godly life or the wages of a lifestyle of sin.


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