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Make no mistake about this. On November 8th some will speak loud and clear as they vote for Hillary. Others will speak as loud and give their vote to Trump. Some will speak even louder and refuse to vote, out of personal conviction or old-fashioned tiredness.

         Some Blacks and Latinos will stay home and communicate to the Democratic Party that they are tired of only being remembered every four years. They will communicate that they are no longer satisfied with simply being given fish from government programs. They will communicate that they prefer to get their own fish and not stop there; they plan to eventually own the lake.

         Some conservatives will also stay home as they have felt not only the expected rejection and mockery of the left, but also the rejection and mockery of their own party. There absence will speak volumes.

         Some Christians will also stay home and communicate very passionately that earning their vote will require more than quoting 2 Corinthians 3:17.

         I heard a 10-year-old prophecy report that Hillary would give her life to the Lord and be used by God mightily. I have heard others stating that Trump is a baby Christian. I surely hope for the salvation of these two; but my Bible tells me that we shall know them by their fruit. (Matt 7:16-20)

         In the end, God will give America a new leader. At that time, we will see if that new leader will be an instrument of God’s blessing over this nation or a weapon of His judgment. No matter what minorities, Liberals, Republicans, Democrats, Conservatives, the white majority or even Christians do or do not do, we are about to see God’s will for this nation in a matter of days. (Rom 13:1)

         This nation has turned her heart against God. The leaders that we have running now are a reflection of our value system and of us as a nation. If God is judging this nation, like he did with Israel many times, I pray that this nation finds her way back to God and cries out to Him like never before in our history. If God releases an instrument of blessing in the white house it is only because by His love and by His mercy as He prepares the church for a harvest of souls. Either way let not your heart be trouble (John 14:1)

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