Liberals offended over moral issues, is like puertorricans offended over eating rice and beans and like a cowboy offended over riding a horse. Liberals offended over moral issues is like an Italian offended over eating pasta or a Mexican over eating burritos; like a white man from the countryside of the United States, offended over his guns and his Bible. Liberals offended over moral issues is like a Snoop Doggie Dog offended over profanity and the use of the “N’ word, like Beyoncé offended over black women publicly showing their butts and tits.

         Liberals are the cancer of morality, the inspiration of hypocrisy and an evil ideology that was on the wrong side of history, specifically, concerning the atrocity of slavery and the civil rights’ fight. Liberalism is the mother of socialism. Liberalism is disgusted by Godliness; but embraces everything else outside of Christ. The same liberals that passionately promote same sex marriage here in America, seems to be silent against the brutality of the homosexual communities under the Islamic faith. They twist and turn the truth, even God’s truth, to advance their agenda.

         Liberals would protect a monkey in Africa, an alligator in Florida and a bear in Alaska, but can care less about a baby in the womb of his mother. No, I am not talking about a democrat; I am talking about liberals. Liberalism is bad in the Democratic Party, is bad in the Republican Party and is bad in any party. Liberalism is bad in every continent of the world, is bad in the family, is bad in the church, the workplace and in schools. Liberalism  is so bad, so terrible and so unrealiable that it can’t even be trusted in our bathrooms.

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