El Poder del Agradecimiento


Existen tantos problemas en el mundo; las divisiones políticas, sociales y culturales parecen ser la orden del día. La prensa masiva de hoy día no ayuda sino que empeora el ambiente; su agenda liberal se alimenta de las crisis. La prensa presenta un constante argumento en contra de lo establecido y, aunque sí hay cosas que tienen que cambiar, el liberalismo ataca lo inmovible; los principios bíblicos, la moral y el respecto mutuo que nos ayuda a vivir en armonía.

En este momento estamos observando un derrumbe moral que como un cáncer, está matando a nuestros países. Es muy fácil, en medio de todo esto, perder la perspectiva y el gran poder que encontramos en el agradecimiento. En este mundo no hay nada más precioso y más importante que la presencia manifestada de Dios. Los malagradecidos NUNCA experimentarán la presencia de Dios. El Salmo 100:4-5 nos dice,

Entren por sus puertas con acción
de gracias,
por sus atrios con alabanza. Denle gracias; bendigan su nombre
5 porque el SEÑOR es bueno.
Para siempre es su misericordia,
y su fidelidad por todas
las generaciones. Reina Valera Actualizada (RVA-2015)

Creo que uno de nuestros problemas más grandes como seres humanos es que mientras más materialista somos, más perdemos la perspectiva de la vida eterna. Lo único que va a morir en nosotros es nuestro cuerpo; la esencia de nuestro ser nunca morirá. Si te has arrepentido de tus pecados, si crees en Cristo Jesús y si lo has recibido como Salvador y como Señor, vivirás con EL por siempre. Esa es la razón más grande para nuestro agradecimiento. Es dicho agradecimiento el que se convierte en la llave que abre la puerta de la presencia de Dios.

Quizás te preguntas, ¿Qué razón tengo para buscar la presencia de Dios? La presencia manifestada de Dios es la mejor medicina para la tristeza y para la depresión. Es en la presencia de Dios en donde encontramos plenitud de gozo (Salmo 16:11). Le servimos a un Dios poderoso, bueno, fiel y misericordioso. Ese es el corazón de nuestro agradecimiento. Hoy y cada día, no importa lo que pase, no imposta lo que digan y no importa lo que hagan, tómate unos minutos y medita en todo lo bueno que existe en tu vida y agradécele a Dios.

Hope for the Divorcee: Forgiven and Moving Forward




I want to take this time to thank God, my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. I want to thank Mrs. Santana, one of my high school teachers, for allowing me to see that indeed, God gave me a gift to write.

I want to thank Pastor José Bosque for inviting me to write small articles for one of his websites. I want to thank Pastor Wallace who saw the good, the bad and the ugly in me but was always eager to encourage me to write.

I want to thank my wife Rayette Casiano for asking the question that provoked the writing of this book. I want to thank Frank Bennett for also being part of the inspiration to the writing of this book. I want to acknowledge the following people who, when asked for their opinions for a possible title for this book…

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Don’t Give Up on the Truth

The truth is not hiding from us. Jesus is the truth who came to save the world. The wisdom of God cries out on the streets of life, through responsible parents, through the love of a friend, through mentors, perhaps through your wive’s voice or through the embrace of a husband .

The Lord is looking for warriors, for brave men and brave women who love truth. This nation must fall in love with truth, with fairness and with justice. When you can’t see the wrongs on your side and in the ideology you follow, when you become an attorney to the lies and a prosecutor of the truth, you have become a fanatic, subjective and of very little impact in the field of ideas and positive changes.

When you are blinded by personal opinions and selfish agendas, when you close your eyes to biblical truth and uncompromising scientific facts, you become predictable and, therefore, a boring human being. You become one who calls evil good and good evil and a sell out! When you force empty opinions, you kill your own credibility; you devalue yourself and your own contribution to humanity.

Purging From Fleas in my Gluteal Folds


Purging my Facebook page from people who, calling themselves Christians, continue to minimize the authority of God’s Word and give themselves up to the spreading of private interpretations of Scripture[1] that are contradictions to God’s truth. I am not perfect, but God’s Word is. If you do not remain in God’s Word as your ultimate guide in life, you are not a disciple of Christ.[2]

         Purging from those hyper-grace preachers that approach God as if God is only a God of favor and blessings, but not a judge and a God of wrath. Purging from those hyper-mercy preachers who justify lifestyles of sin, under the umbrella of God’s love. Preachers who use God’s love, not to pursue holiness, but to freely sin.

         Purging my Facebook page from those who hold on to insults and mockery as a way of debate, both, on the Republican and Democratic side. When you love ignorance more than truth and, gossip more than facts, you become a monumental waste of my time! When your compass of truth is destroyed, and you no longer have a clue of where the north, the south, the east or the west of reason are; you become a waste of everybody’s time, like a mosquito who whispers ignorance in your ear all night long.

         I am purging my Facebook page from crybabies who grew up thinking that there are no losers in sports. That seemingly insignificant way of thinking created a culture that feels that they don’t have to work for anything, that they don’t have to earn or work for anything and that they are entitle for the rest of the world to feed, cloth and pay for their medical bills, their cell phone and their rent.

         Purging from anybody who justifies and promotes the destruction of businesses, communities and the burning of our flag; that is not a protest; those are acts of violence and in-house acts of terrorism! If you are accusing the other side of hate while you, yourself promote hate, you are a hypocrite. Hate will never be overcome with hate, it is an impossibility; hate can only be overcome with love. Not the love as the world sees it, not this love that rejects absolutes and any form of orthodoxy, but the love that delights in the truth.[3]

         I am not ashamed of my God and my convictions; I don’t have to apologize for what I believe and for whom I believe; I don’t have to compromise my values to make you happy and I don’t have to walk in unity with you. The only unity needed is the unity under the banner of the Gospel of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He is not the only way, there are many ways out there, but He is the only way that leads to the truth and the only way that gives us life.[4] Not just life, but abundant life.[5]

         I don’t hate you and I will not cause you any harm. I am eager to bless you, but to bless you with the truth. I am eager to give you the message of the gospel, but I have no problem shaking the dusk out of my feet on my way out your front door. In this country we all have the right to follow our own ways as long as we don’t interfere with others; I believe in freedom, for not even God force himself on us. I honor the men and women who fought and continue to fight for that American freedom. In this country we have the right to go to hell if we want to; but I am not your friend; I am not a friend of the world! Oh yes, I am purging, purging from fleas in my gluteal folds.

Recommended Bible verses:

[1] 2 Peter 1:20

[2] John 8:31-32

[3] First Corinthians 13:6

[4] John 14:6

[5] John 10:10

America is at Risk of a Stroke or a Heart Attack


There are numbers in the human body that cannot be ignored. Some numbers are normal, some are at high levels and some are at risk levels. Some of these numbers that we need to pay special attention to are: our weight, our cholesterol levels, blood pressure, glucose levels, etc.

         The older we get, the more serious these numbers become. To these numbers we must also add our mood; are we stress out? Are we depressed? Are we angry or frustrated all the time? These factors are important because they have the potential to affect our numbers. Now, we can walk around telling everybody how healthy we are, eating like we are 15 years of age, not exercising, eating fry food every day, drinking alcohol, not sleeping well and so on, but at the end of the day, those numbers do not lie; they will catch up with us, increase the possibility of stroke, heart attack and even death.

         The same thing happens we our country; our country also have the numbers that count, the numbers that will truly tell us how healthy or unhealthy our nation is. People argue and defend their ideologies, the democrat party on one side, the republicans on the other, liberalism, conservatism, etc. Our current president speaks about his great legacy; republicans love to remember the years when Reagan was the president. But, what are our numbers? Well, we pay attention to economical growth, annual budgets, national debt, unemployment and its participation; in other words, how many people are actually looking for jobs and how many able bodies gave up looking for jobs; etc.

           In the last eight years the annual budget was never balanced, in many cases, not even submitted. Our national debt is at 19 trillion dollars, millions of Americans are not even looking for jobs, we have a weak economical growth, etc. Judging by those numbers, the United States has high blood pressure, high cholesterol and her sugar levels are through the roof. America is stress out, angry, frustrated and very afraid. Say what you want, but our country is a high risk for a stroke or a heart attack. America is sick!

                Now, with medication, proper diet and exercise we can normalize these numbers. With God’s help, we can be totally restored! We are going to have to place God and His righteousness first, we are going to have to be smart with our money, buy what we can afford, stop depending on the government and make, finding a job and making our own living, the dignifying way for our prosperity.

         I have been praying for God to show mercy to our nation; to give this generation a chance to see how true prosperity looks like, to see this nation winning and the blessing of lives surrendering to the Lord. I have hope that things will get better; that the numbers will improve, but most of all, that the mood of this nation will improve also. We must or, we will suffer a tragic and sudden death for refusing to pay attention to the numbers that count; the numbers that continue to clearly tells us that we are, at this point, a very unhealthy nation.

I Respect a Fighter!


This guy ran in the primaries against 16 opponents. At least 10 of them were experienced and successful politician. This man ran against the Clinton and the Obama machine. All four former presidents, including the Bush machine came against him. This man survived scandals and the shameful voices of the past! His own party deserted him; Hollywood came against him; the press, the Republican and Democratic Party establishment came against him, even Fox News threw jabs against him. This man made some mistakes along the way, his mouth got him in trouble, his Tweets were used against him, he was ridiculed; the polls told us that he did not have a chance and STILL… he is now our president! I am a former street fighter, boxer and kick boxer… Donald Trump is a fighter and I respect that!

A Prayer for the 2016 Presidential Election and for this Nation

I pray for this election God! I pray for mercy! I pray and I thank you that you will give us the president you want for this country.

I pray Lord that you use our next president as an instrument of blessing. You have power that goes beyond political affiliations and ideologies. You gave us examples in the Old Testament of leaders that were not your followers, but you used them mightily and, some became your followers.

You have exposed these two candidates more than any other candidates in history. You know the issues God, the abortions, same sex marriage, the Supreme Court judges situation, the hypocrisy and hidden agendas. But who can possibly stop your will?

I pray that you bless Hillary Clinton; that you work all this mess for good in her life. At the end, I pray for her soul. You love her, you created her with a purpose. Bring Hillary to repentance for those things she is guilty of and redeem her out the lies spoken about her. You know her story; use her for your glory!

Father, bless Donald Trump; you know the issues and concerns with this man, but I thank you that his heart is in your hands. Thank you for exposing him. Humble this man and bring him down to his knees. Use him for you glory. Some see this man as a Samson-like leader! I ask that you save and guard his soul.

These two presidential candidates are your children and the chosen people for this hour. We pray for them and we trust you; in that I am at peace.

You know my own issues, my sins and failures; I need as much mercy as Trump and Hillary. I thank you for forgiving me and for those who love me with my good, my bad and my ugly. In that humble realization, I thank you for the United States of America. I ask you for mercy!

Revive your works oh God; revive your works in this nation again. Cleans this nation with the blood of Christ and may your love rain on us. Bring this nation together Lord, bring us together under the banner of mercy, forgiveness, and reconciliation.

I thank you for those who think differently; help us to know the truth that will indeed make us free. Protect the hearts of family members and friends that they may not be divided over this election, for family and friendship is more valuable than any presidency.

This election is around the corner and the nation is hurting! We see Native Americans crying out! We see police officers viciously loosing their lives; we see a cry for the recognition that black lives matter; we see violence, we see injustices, manipulations, vandalism, lawlessness, blacks, whites and Latinos entertaining a civil war, we see illegal immigrants, many of them looking for freedom, many of them working long hours to provide for their families and the issues continue on and on.

Mercy Lord! Release the fullness of the manifestation of your Spirit! My heart is not trouble… I have faith in YOU! In Jesus Name… Amen!