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A Prayer for the 2016 Presidential Election and for this Nation

I pray for this election God! I pray for mercy! I pray and I thank you that you will give us the president you want for this country.

I pray Lord that you use our next president as an instrument of blessing. You have power that goes beyond political affiliations and ideologies. You gave us examples in the Old Testament of leaders that were not your followers, but you used them mightily and, some became your followers.

You have exposed these two candidates more than any other candidates in history. You know the issues God, the abortions, same sex marriage, the Supreme Court judges situation, the hypocrisy and hidden agendas. But who can possibly stop your will?

I pray that you bless Hillary Clinton; that you work all this mess for good in her life. At the end, I pray for her soul. You love her, you created her with a purpose. Bring Hillary to repentance for those things she is guilty of and redeem her out the lies spoken about her. You know her story; use her for your glory!

Father, bless Donald Trump; you know the issues and concerns with this man, but I thank you that his heart is in your hands. Thank you for exposing him. Humble this man and bring him down to his knees. Use him for you glory. Some see this man as a Samson-like leader! I ask that you save and guard his soul.

These two presidential candidates are your children and the chosen people for this hour. We pray for them and we trust you; in that I am at peace.

You know my own issues, my sins and failures; I need as much mercy as Trump and Hillary. I thank you for forgiving me and for those who love me with my good, my bad and my ugly. In that humble realization, I thank you for the United States of America. I ask you for mercy!

Revive your works oh God; revive your works in this nation again. Cleans this nation with the blood of Christ and may your love rain on us. Bring this nation together Lord, bring us together under the banner of mercy, forgiveness, and reconciliation.

I thank you for those who think differently; help us to know the truth that will indeed make us free. Protect the hearts of family members and friends that they may not be divided over this election, for family and friendship is more valuable than any presidency.

This election is around the corner and the nation is hurting! We see Native Americans crying out! We see police officers viciously loosing their lives; we see a cry for the recognition that black lives matter; we see violence, we see injustices, manipulations, vandalism, lawlessness, blacks, whites and Latinos entertaining a civil war, we see illegal immigrants, many of them looking for freedom, many of them working long hours to provide for their families and the issues continue on and on.

Mercy Lord! Release the fullness of the manifestation of your Spirit! My heart is not trouble… I have faith in YOU! In Jesus Name… Amen!

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