America is at Risk of a Stroke or a Heart Attack


There are numbers in the human body that cannot be ignored. Some numbers are normal, some are at high levels and some are at risk levels. Some of these numbers that we need to pay special attention to are: our weight, our cholesterol levels, blood pressure, glucose levels, etc.

         The older we get, the more serious these numbers become. To these numbers we must also add our mood; are we stress out? Are we depressed? Are we angry or frustrated all the time? These factors are important because they have the potential to affect our numbers. Now, we can walk around telling everybody how healthy we are, eating like we are 15 years of age, not exercising, eating fry food every day, drinking alcohol, not sleeping well and so on, but at the end of the day, those numbers do not lie; they will catch up with us, increase the possibility of stroke, heart attack and even death.

         The same thing happens we our country; our country also have the numbers that count, the numbers that will truly tell us how healthy or unhealthy our nation is. People argue and defend their ideologies, the democrat party on one side, the republicans on the other, liberalism, conservatism, etc. Our current president speaks about his great legacy; republicans love to remember the years when Reagan was the president. But, what are our numbers? Well, we pay attention to economical growth, annual budgets, national debt, unemployment and its participation; in other words, how many people are actually looking for jobs and how many able bodies gave up looking for jobs; etc.

           In the last eight years the annual budget was never balanced, in many cases, not even submitted. Our national debt is at 19 trillion dollars, millions of Americans are not even looking for jobs, we have a weak economical growth, etc. Judging by those numbers, the United States has high blood pressure, high cholesterol and her sugar levels are through the roof. America is stress out, angry, frustrated and very afraid. Say what you want, but our country is a high risk for a stroke or a heart attack. America is sick!

                Now, with medication, proper diet and exercise we can normalize these numbers. With God’s help, we can be totally restored! We are going to have to place God and His righteousness first, we are going to have to be smart with our money, buy what we can afford, stop depending on the government and make, finding a job and making our own living, the dignifying way for our prosperity.

         I have been praying for God to show mercy to our nation; to give this generation a chance to see how true prosperity looks like, to see this nation winning and the blessing of lives surrendering to the Lord. I have hope that things will get better; that the numbers will improve, but most of all, that the mood of this nation will improve also. We must or, we will suffer a tragic and sudden death for refusing to pay attention to the numbers that count; the numbers that continue to clearly tells us that we are, at this point, a very unhealthy nation.

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