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Purging From Fleas in my Gluteal Folds


Purging my Facebook page from people who, calling themselves Christians, continue to minimize the authority of God’s Word and give themselves up to the spreading of private interpretations of Scripture[1] that are contradictions to God’s truth. I am not perfect, but God’s Word is. If you do not remain in God’s Word as your ultimate guide in life, you are not a disciple of Christ.[2]

         Purging from those hyper-grace preachers that approach God as if God is only a God of favor and blessings, but not a judge and a God of wrath. Purging from those hyper-mercy preachers who justify lifestyles of sin, under the umbrella of God’s love. Preachers who use God’s love, not to pursue holiness, but to freely sin.

         Purging my Facebook page from those who hold on to insults and mockery as a way of debate, both, on the Republican and Democratic side. When you love ignorance more than truth and, gossip more than facts, you become a monumental waste of my time! When your compass of truth is destroyed, and you no longer have a clue of where the north, the south, the east or the west of reason are; you become a waste of everybody’s time, like a mosquito who whispers ignorance in your ear all night long.

         I am purging my Facebook page from crybabies who grew up thinking that there are no losers in sports. That seemingly insignificant way of thinking created a culture that feels that they don’t have to work for anything, that they don’t have to earn or work for anything and that they are entitle for the rest of the world to feed, cloth and pay for their medical bills, their cell phone and their rent.

         Purging from anybody who justifies and promotes the destruction of businesses, communities and the burning of our flag; that is not a protest; those are acts of violence and in-house acts of terrorism! If you are accusing the other side of hate while you, yourself promote hate, you are a hypocrite. Hate will never be overcome with hate, it is an impossibility; hate can only be overcome with love. Not the love as the world sees it, not this love that rejects absolutes and any form of orthodoxy, but the love that delights in the truth.[3]

         I am not ashamed of my God and my convictions; I don’t have to apologize for what I believe and for whom I believe; I don’t have to compromise my values to make you happy and I don’t have to walk in unity with you. The only unity needed is the unity under the banner of the Gospel of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He is not the only way, there are many ways out there, but He is the only way that leads to the truth and the only way that gives us life.[4] Not just life, but abundant life.[5]

         I don’t hate you and I will not cause you any harm. I am eager to bless you, but to bless you with the truth. I am eager to give you the message of the gospel, but I have no problem shaking the dusk out of my feet on my way out your front door. In this country we all have the right to follow our own ways as long as we don’t interfere with others; I believe in freedom, for not even God force himself on us. I honor the men and women who fought and continue to fight for that American freedom. In this country we have the right to go to hell if we want to; but I am not your friend; I am not a friend of the world! Oh yes, I am purging, purging from fleas in my gluteal folds.

Recommended Bible verses:

[1] 2 Peter 1:20

[2] John 8:31-32

[3] First Corinthians 13:6

[4] John 14:6

[5] John 10:10

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