The truth is not hiding from us. Jesus is the truth who came to save the world. The wisdom of God cries out on the streets of life, through responsible parents, through the love of a friend, through mentors, perhaps through your wive’s voice or through the embrace of a husband .

The Lord is looking for warriors, for brave men and brave women who love truth. This nation must fall in love with truth, with fairness and with justice. When you can’t see the wrongs on your side and in the ideology you follow, when you become an attorney to the lies and a prosecutor of the truth, you have become a fanatic, subjective and of very little impact in the field of ideas and positive changes.

When you are blinded by personal opinions and selfish agendas, when you close your eyes to biblical truth and uncompromising scientific facts, you become predictable and, therefore, a boring human being. You become one who calls evil good and good evil and a sell out! When you force empty opinions, you kill your own credibility; you devalue yourself and your own contribution to humanity.

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