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Race Relations in the Church


No, I am not asking questions regarding race relations in America; I am asking question regarding race relations in the church specifically. Is the 11th hour on Sundays continues to be the most segregated hour in the United States of America? I believe so! And if that is so, why? Oh no doubts that progress have been made in churches all across this beautiful country, but how many multicultural churches can you find? I know there are a few… yes, a few!

         For the most part people accommodate themselves in a very comfortable zone where the preacher looks and talks like them and where the music is “just right” according to their personal taste. Anything that deviates from that, is not only, not acceptable, but “not of God”; at least that’s the way some see it!

         Now, one can also argue that white churches in general have the tendency to be more doctrinally sound, however, cold in their expression of praise and exaltation of God. For the most part, in a white church you will hear a message that actually comes out of the Bible, but you will not hear much rhythm, you will not hear much clapping, it will be a miracle if you see dancing, (that may be a good thing!) and you will not hear verbal exaltations of our God. For the most part they take a very dignify position. The music is slow and low and basically “Loud” is not acceptable. “Loud” is considered an expression of the flesh and an instrument well and passionately play may be considered a showoff expression.

        Now, on the other side, with the black churches, for the most part, you will get that good rhythm, the voices will be loud, you will actually hear the drums, you will hear shouts and they will not only dance, but run all over the building without running into each other. However, for the most part, especially in the Pentecostal/Charismatic wing on the church, the message will appear to be biblical, but somehow, someway the Bible portion that the preacher took the time to read at the beginning of his sermon, after he finished saluting, recognizing and honoring the deacons, the elders, the bishops and/or anybody else, have no connection with the message whatsoever. Theologically and doctrinally speaking, for the most part, black churches are hurting.

         Now, back to the multicultural churches; every single one I seen, have something in common; the senior pastor is white. Is there any strong multicultural church with a black pastor as the leader that includes a healthy participation of the strong white man as a member? I have not seen one yet. You can get the white woman to be a part of a church where the Pastor/Elder is black, but with the exception a of a very few white males, segregation continues.

         Perhaps, no other country in the world has to deal with this mess as closely as America, but that is our condition now. I do not blame the white male for refusing to serve under a black church where the pastor is not honoring and respecting the Word as he should. That is not racism; that is actually obedience to the Word! I can’t blame a black man for refusing to serve in a church where he needs to keep his soul down and low from praising the Lord! On this matter, the Bible supports the black man’s position also.

         What I do know is that before the coming of the Lord we will be a family, we will be the family of God under the culture of HIS Word.

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