As I was praying this morning I started thinking about the three generations that I am personally in contact with; the Baby Boomer’s Generation, those born between 1946 to 1964, Generation X, those born between 1965 to 1979, and The Millennials, those born from 1980 to 2000. I was particularly concern about the fact that the Baby Boomers were the last generation that did better than their parents financially speaking.

         Generation X, in general, is not doing better than their parents; that is my generation! And, in general, the Millennials are not doing better than us. I was tempted to blame it on the government just like everybody else, but then, I felt the Lord saying:

         “Come I will show you the root of the matter!

         They are reaping what they are sowing. “Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.” Galatians 6:7 (NIV)

         Am I limited by political systems? Since when did the government become the provider? Can a government, any government be more powerful than me? Generation after generation they refuse to acknowledge my knowledge and me. The ancient paths of my wisdom they despise as if they have better answers.

         Entertainment has become your gods. Coldness is taking the place of human empathy and compassion. Life is loosing value! Come to me and be reconcile with the Father, come to me and receive my joy and my peace.

         Parents must come to me! For I have given them authority to be fathers and mothers, but they have also rejected me; they have also rejected my knowledge.

         The baby boomers taught that it was ok, that it was worth it to sacrifice time with God and family for the sake of big houses and luxury cars. The devil told them that it was ok to stay busy, to work those extra hours, to sacrifice the weekends and to idolize money. The devil told them that it was ok to live a prayer less life, to ignore my Spirit and to have others speak into the life of their own children.

         The baby boomers are dying and I ask, how much of their wealth can they take with them?

         I speak to the Baby Boomer generation, REPENT, says the Lord, for you found it ok to sacrifice time with me, you idolized your careers and making money over me and your families. You let the devil raised your children; you gave them material things, but they have become empty souls; you did not teach them the value of work, earning things and responsibility, but most of all, you did not teach them to love and acknowledge me.


         Repent you Generation X, for you refuse to parent your children all together, you dropped them off at day cares, you put a TV in their rooms, you bought them cell phones and allow them to get lost in social media. You just wanted for your kids to be happy, but you forgot that my joy is their strength; you forgot that only I can give them the peace that overpasses all understanding. You have now created this monster that does not know how to socialize, does not know the value of family and, with no conviction ignores me and my Word.


         I say to you Baby Boomers, to you Generation X and to you Millennials repent! For your iniquity is great before me. Repent for your rebellions and confess your sins before me. Come to me; for I will separate a remnant out of these three generations and they will begin to turn to me; they will come to the end of themselves, they will be honest about their emptiness and cry out to me. I will blot out their iniquities and transgressions and forgive their sins. They will be my examples and show the world that I am God.

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