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Somewhere in our history, politicians gave more value to charisma, images, protocols, nice speeches and intentions over RESULTS, FACTS and REALITY.

Somewhere in history we allowed others to tell us how to think. We allowed the press to manipulate us into who to vote for. We contributed to the destruction of characters, un-forgiveness and the continual judgment even after sincere repentance took place, for those who dare run for officer.

Somewhere in history we embraced HATE over LOVE and got comfortable with calling the truth of God’s Word, evil. So now we are witnessing a society where absolutes no longer matter; where 2 plus 2 is no longer 4, but whatever I feel it should be.

I encourage my readers to pay close attention, not to ideologies or political parties, but to the AGENDA and to the RESULS. I have the feeling, by looking at the first week of this new President, that style, protocols, images and fancy speeches are out the window, but by God, this may be a presidency of RESULTS!

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