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Making Our Children… HAPPY


So, what is the problem? It started at home; the moment chores were no longer mandatory. The moment the focus of parents became to make their children “happy” by giving them all they want; but let me ask you something, have you ever seen a spoiled child happy?

We have a problem in our society! We started giving birth to our current culture, the moment that earning and working for things became an abomination. We gave birth to this mindset that somebody else MUST give me what I need and what I want.

See, it started at home; parents worked hard to pay the bills; to stay in that home, pay for the electricity, the gas, the phone, the cable, the internet. Dad and mom worked hard to keep the house clean, taking little Bobby to the basketball game, taking little Cathy to the dance classes; but never took the time to teach them responsibilities at home. Bobby can dunk a basketball, but can’t take the trash out! Cathy can do a full split, but can’t wash dishes!

Parents bought them those $100.00 jeans; the $300.00 tennis shoes, the smart phones; can’t forget the smart phones with unlimited data, unlimited texting… unlimited everything, while the house falls apart!

See, you felt guilty because your work stole your time with your children; so, you resolved to give them presents to compensate for your lack of presence! In that, you created a monster; a spoil one.

So now, time has gone by; you are now unhealthy and you need help.  The question is, where are your grown children? Now you are in an assisted living home, your legal guardian and power of attorney is from the State and, where are your children? They don’t come to visit, not even on your birthday, not even on Father’s or Mother’s Day.

You want the truth? They are waiting for you to die so they can take that big house of yours. See, you worked so hard for the house, but you forgot to work hard for your home; you had no concept of what home and family is.

You created this generation; a generation that look for what they can get, not what they can earn.  A generation that looks for what they can have, but not to what they should work for. A generation of here and now! Participation trophies; a generation that was told you can be and have all you want; the teaching of a hyper self-confident; but was not prepare for the realities, failures and loses that will take place in this thing we call life.

They did not include in that teaching that nobody owes you anything and that you are not entitle to anything; that there are no magic formulas; that God gave you gifts and a path to follow and the sooner you discover that the better. But this generation walks around singing “I did it my way.” No respect for authority, no respect for absolutes, no respect for the law and no respect for God.

This is an atheist and amoral generation. But you can’t blame them, you taught them to be like that, the moment you stopped making chores mandatory, the moment your children’s happiness became more important than God. You did not raise them and did not prepare them for, what Rocky describes as, the thing that will hit you the hardest… life.   

They are grown now! They can’t keep a job, you can’t get them out of your house, you can’t count on them, they have no sense of community, no sense of doing for others and no sense of giving. They are attached to their phones; wearing head phones, ignoring the sounds around them; a totally selfish generation with no sense of history. Their world start today and now and they are at the center. So, busy taking videos and photos that they can’t even enjoy what is in front of them.

Yes, and everything started at home, the moment chores were no longer mandatory. The moment the focus of parents became to make their children “happy” by giving them all they want.   


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