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Feeling Grateful After the Storm: ¡Puerto Rico se Levanta!


Feeling grateful to God for protecting my family in Puerto Rico, for Mayor Bill De Blasio, for Governor Andrew Cuomo, I can’t disagree more with these guys politically, but I will be eternally grateful for the love they have shown to Puerto Rico providing equipment, people, and resources. I am grateful to the Mayor of my hometown Guánica, Santos Seda (Papichi) for your faith in God and leadership. I am very proud of the Governor of Puerto Rico Ricardo Rosselló for your focus, compassion, and unquestionable leadership during the greatest crisis Puerto Rico have ever faced in nearly 100 years. Last but not least, I thank God for President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence for an unbelievable display of effectiveness and unquestionable support for Puerto Rico. Many are accusing Trump and his administration of not helping and even ignoring my island… that is absolutely false; before the storm even hit Trump was already releasing much needed aid to the island and cutting through the bureaucracy that eats up so much time. This information is coming from the mouth of our own governor. In conclusion, I know that, as always, people use situations like this to further the agenda of evil, but I am so grateful for the heart of my people, for family, for those who are helping one another and for those confessing with unshakable faith… that ¡Puerto Rico se levanta!

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