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The New Value System of Our Culture

Wife do not honor your husband until he learns to love you first… until he is next to perfect. In the process, do not honor him, turn your back on him and especially, make sure you do not acknowledge him publicly.

Men, do not honor women, follow the instructions of the hymn book of the church of hip hop.

Children, why honor your parents? Have you not notice all of their issues? Disrespect them, curse them out, don’t obey them, not one word of what they tell you until they fix their issues. Make sure, by the way, that the whole world knows how disgusting you are with them. In the process do whatever you want, act as if you are father and motherless.

You heard that it was said, respect one another; be selective in whom you give your respect to. You heard that it was said love one another, no! love those who agree with you and assault those who don’t.

Did somebody say that love covers a multitude of sin? Foolishness, we expose everybody’s mess!

What about those who believe that love delights in truth? Nonsense! We delight in all that we can get away with. We delight in the destruction of our enemies! But we are supposed to love our enemies, right? Destroy them, show them no mercy and no compassion.

What about when folks are down; surely that is not a time to kick them? That is the best time to do so because they can’t defend themselves… it is all about strategy!

Surely we will honor free speech, after all that is a foundational constitutional value of our country; at least we can listen to one another, right? We absolutely despise the law of the land! Free speech is not a right but a privilege that only those who subscribe to our ideology are able to enjoy. What about the others? No, not the others, only us! We mock, we turn our backs on facts, we make things up, we destroy everything and everybody who disagree with us. We call what was considered good, bad and what was considered bad, good. This is a new time… a progressive time… a liberal time!

Shall we honor and pray for our leaders? Is that not what the good book says? What good book? We follow ourselves, what we feel, what we want and what we desire; we make up our own reality and we follow ourselves; we are gods and we rebel against all authorities, against all orthodoxy… against God himself, after all He is the problem!

We make up our own realities and we resist godliness and patriotism. We redefine families and we redefine genders. I am whomever and whatever I want to be.  Why stand for anything? Why stand for a flag, why stand for any national anthem? Why stand for America? We will stand only, and just ONLY, after America is finally as perfect we.

Ladies and gentlemans, welcome to the new and progresive United States of America! HELP US GOD!

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