A “Racist” President & the Blacks and Latinos in this Country

Image: Donald Trump

I am still hanging on to the Word of God and the promise that the last will be first (Matthew 20:16). For the last 50 years we have had many democratic presidents and a whole democratic party who have been passionately fighting poverty for all these years. I am sure many of them fought and continued to fight with sincere hearts. Nevertheless, the fight, so far, has been a failure! What is it that we were left to celebrate after 8 years of our first black president? The facts were staring at our faces: a weak economy, a historical accumulation of debt, and record numbers of people that look like me who are on food stamps and other government assistant programs. I guess we were supposed to celebrate that! But I did not… I know that, with God’s help, we can do much better than that!

         We, as a people, have a long way to go… I am aware of that! However, it is amazing to me that it is taking the policies of a “racist” president such as Donald Trump for us to enjoy such amazing statistics. During his campaign he challenge us by asking us, “what the h*** do you have to lose?” A year later, we are not celebrating that we have more of our people on food stamps, Medicaid and so on. These are times when we should be in great celebration for my Hispanic and African-American family. The unemployment rate amongst us is the lowest in over 50 years! Maybe, just maybe, we need more racist politicians in Washington!


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