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Yes, I get it, it is not a gun problem; it is a heart problem! We do have the right to go hunting, defend ourselves, defend our families, and especially to defend ourselves against the government, if need be! It is our constitutional right! However, why is it that you have to wait until you are 21 years of age to legally drink and smoke in most states here in the United States, but you are able to buy a gun at 18? Really? You realize that to rent a car you need to be at least 24 years of age? Something to think about!

            Adjustments MUST be made! Until everything that can be done is done, we can’t continue business as usual, If four people get food poison in any restaurant, that restaurant might be force to shutdown until they fix the problem, right? September 11th changed us; it changed the way we do things, and that is, understandably so! We change policies all the time based on situations that we want to prevent from ever happening again! What is it about this mass shooting that seems to leave us with the same thing? 1) Press conferences where politicians always speak about the great job this or that organization is doing, and, 2) the typical expressions of “our thoughts and prayers are with you.” I wonder how many folks are actually praying!

            We definitely need prayer because I see one side that seems strangely passive. The same Republicans that seems so passionately when a Muslim is involved in a terrorist attack or when an illegal immigrant kills an American, seems to have no answers in moments when terrorism comes from within. On the other hand, we have another side of the argument that is ridiculously irrational. At the heart of Democrats, they seem to want to do away without guns. That may be a good idea if, EVERYBODY, the good guys and the bad guys, are willing to do so. But we know that the bad guys are going to continue to arm themselves while the law-abiding citizens are set to suffer more victimization.

            I say 1) lets gather the parents of current students who are already active in any law enforcement and lets form an organization where they are placed in charge, together with the school principal and School Board to analyze and come up with plans to protect their own schools. Lets start right there! 2) Unauthorized people should not have access to the classrooms…period! 3) The doors with outside access should remain locked. Only the police, firefighters and any other authorized official should have access to enter. 4) Students should be provided with special IDs to enter the school building. 5) We need to have at least two officers patrolling the outside of the school, 6) an officer guarding the front door and 7) another officer making his rounds around the classrooms; depending on the size of the School. 8) We need selective teachers with the appropriate training to be able to carry guns while in school, the more teachers the better! 9) We need to start a nationwide volunteer organization that will also help with protecting our schools. There are volunteers for everything else, why not have people who are trained to also serve in protecting our schools. Many will be happy to do it. 10) Look at the private sector for help and 11) look for those retired cops and military men and women to come in, in part-time basis! These are just some practical ideas!

            In the practical side this is not necessarily an issue of laws, but an issue of protecting our children from those who do not follow the law. In the spiritual side this is an issue of iniquity. We have become a society that celebrates and glorifies iniquity through some of the movies and TV Shows we watch, through some of the music we listen to and through some of the video games we play. Iniquity will always find ways to come out of the TV show, the movie, the song and the video game and into our nation, our street, our school and yes…even our own homes.


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