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Beyond Opinions is Expanding


Beyond Opinions Monthly Expenses

• Cell Phone: $40.00

• Fax and Copier: $188.00

• Phone and Internet: $89.00

• Gas for heating: $150.00

• Electricity: $75.00

• Radio Programing: $120.00

• Podcast: $80.00

Total: $742.00

Beyond Opinions Ministry Commitments:

• Fairbanks Rescue Mission: Teaching every Thursday at 6:00 PM and as needed.

• Beyond Opinions Facebook Page, Youtube Channel, Blog and other social media outlets.

• La Hermosa Mission in Yucatan Mexico

• Storehouse Media Group Podcast


• Hope for the Divorcee: Forgiven and Moving Forward

• Currently working on a Spanish Book

If you would like to make a contribution please write your check to,

Beyond Opinions

Our mailing address is: P. O. Box 80984 Fairbanks, AK 99709

Social Media Outlets: Blog: Facebook Pages:………

Email address:

Theme song, There Must be a Better Way, by Angel Casiano A production of Gerry Peters and Midi Magic Studios

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