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You judge and condemn until the mask of your hypocrisy is torn off by the blow of your miserable reality. So easy to point our fingers at others; deny others the opportunity of redemption. So easy for others to zeal and defined who we are by the stupidity of our youth. No room for growth and no room for mistakes. The more they repent and the more they change, the more they are judged and condemned.

My God blesses the merciful. There is no forgiveness for those who do not forgive, for those whose arrogance is such that they position themselves as judges of everybody else. They do not judge in accordance to God’s requirement centered in God’s love and his desire for reconciliation. They established their own ways and become modern day Pharisees, placing yokes on people that they themselves cannot follow.

They are ambassadors of liberal agendas whose passion is to resist God and to kill, to steal and to destroy everything and everybody that gets on their way. And… in doing so, they become targets of God’s hate, for God hates those who bear false witness. This is the generation that judges what is evil as good and what is good as evil. Woe to them who do so, says the Lord!


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