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Well, it seems like the millennial generation prefers socialism over capitalism. I was thinking today, where is it that this mentality comes from? Are they aware of what is going on in Venezuela?  Are they aware of the historical failure of socialism? As I was watching dishes today, a strong taught came to my mind, the seed of socialism started at home.

            We, as responsible parents, want to give our children all they need. Many go as far as giving them all they want without even considering if they are ready to receive such. In this process, we are raising a generation where chores were not mandatory; where our children did not have to work for anything; no consequences and no discipline.

            We bought them the latest video games; so they vegetated for hours. We gave them full and unlimited access to the Internet; so now is ok to talk to strangers. And, we bought them iPhones so that they can stay connected with anybody… but us. We made sure we bought them the cool shoes and clothing that reflected exactly how they wanted to express themselves. Absolute truths are antique, a thing of the past; there is now nothing to hold us together; no respect for anything!

            The idea of earning anything is an abomination for many of these millennials. The idea of winning and loosing is unfair or… RACIST! We no longer need to work hard for ANYTHING; others MUST do it for US. Beloved, when the pride and dignity of working for your stuff is taken away, when you expect and demand others to do what you are ABLE to do yourself… THERE… is the seed of socialism.

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