Trump, Washington, USA - 02 Oct 2019

Let me start with the obvious; that President Trump does not display a Christ-Like character when he calls folks names. Some in the Christian community support Trump because of his apparent support for the Christian faith. I believe that it will only take a few of us pointing out some things we do not like, for him to start attacking us.

As a Christian, I do appreciate him defending religious freedom and openly declaring to be pro-life in the issue of abortion.   Nevertheless, if we look at some of his responses against his attackers, from a Biblical point of view, there is no justification for insults. The reality is that Trump has said a lot of inappropriate and, worst of, unbiblical things. I know that he is in a battle and, the tendency is to attack back; however, the Bible tells us that God fights our battles. Exodus 14:14 tells us, “The Lord will fight for you while you keep silent.” (NASB) So we do not have to be a doctor in theology to conclude that a lot of President Trump’s Tweets are not Godly.

            It is ok to state truth, it is ok to get the record straight and to point out facts and, accomplishments. What is not ok is to insult people by calling people crazy, low IQ, little this or little that, etc. There is no biblical justification for it… period!

When I voted for Trump in 2016, I voted against Hillary Clinton. I took a chance with Trump over giving my vote to one of the worst presidential candidates in the last 50 years; in my opinion!

Today things have change because I can now look at Trump’s record. When we look at the unemployment rate and the economy, some rather give Obama the credit, stating that in his last couple of years as president the unemployment rate was already coming down and the economy was getting stronger. This is actually true according to the numbers that count. So, we can argue this issue in a couple of ways, but for the sake of peace, I am choosing to give validation to democrats who take this previous statement as true.

If democrats are right on this assessment, then give Trump credit for continuing Obama’s progress and not only that, for taking Obama’s progress to record numbers. By your own admission, he did not mess up what the great Obama started, he was able to build on it. How can he be the worst president ever? How can he be so bad for this nation, to the point that he must be removed from office, when he is building on Obama’s progress? This makes no sense!

The reality is that President Trump’s accomplishments are impressive and can be proven if we take the time to be objective and do a little research. Some of those tangible accomplishments have absolutely nothing to do with Obama.  Some of those accomplishments are:

This year I will vote for Trump again not because he is a pastor or a religious figure, we know he is not. I will vote for Trump not because he is an example of Godliness, we know he is not; not because I support all of his Tweets, not because I support his name-calling, etc. This year I am voting for Trump strictly on his record as President. I am voting for Trump to be reelected President of the United States, this time not only because I am rejecting the democratic candidate, but because when I take an objective look at Trump’s record, he will come down as one of the most accomplished presidents in the history of this country… Period!

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