This is our daughter Ileana J. Casiano’s Air Force Graduation. We are absolutely proud of her as the first female in the Casiano family to join the USA Arm Forces. Israel was not perfect, nobody is! However, in Scripture we see the men and women of God honoring, loving, praying and even weeping for their nation. Not one example can be found from Abraham to Moses, from Moses to King David and all the way to the apostles where they expressed hatred against their country. The USA is not perfect either, however, it is ok to honor our country, it is ok to love our country, it is ok to pray for our country and to weep for her. Our soldiers go as far as fighting for her. They pay the price of sacrificing time with their families and, some pay the ultimate price by giving their lives for our freedom. As a father, those couple of days celebrating and witnessing, firsthand, how the Air Force was use so powerfully by God to transform my daughter’s character, were truly life changing.

Music: America the Beautiful, an amazing rendition by Phil Driscoll America the Beautiful, the classic rendition by Ray Charles and, Set Me Free, by Casting Crowns



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