We can’t find anything in the Bible that can, in any way, present us as innocents; that is because we are not. All of us are guilty of sin. We find innocents only through Christ Jesus.

Nevertheless, there is nothing in the Bible that describes us as victims either. We are God’s children, uniquely and extraordinarily made.

When we make up our minds to do something (good or bad) only God himself can stop us. We learned that with the story of the Tower of Babel.

We know how to build cities in valleys and mountains; from the deserts of Arizona to the  Alaska arctic. We are truly extraordinary.  That is why I believe that every human, from within, has the power to recover from any addiction and do better for themselves.

From within, we have the power to come out of poverty, to educate ourselves, to learn new skills, to come out of homelessness, bad relationships and circumstances. From within, we have the power to overcome. As God’s people, we are more than overcomers. That is… our divine DNA.

The struggle is to believe that we have that power. Some do not believe they do, so they embrace their status quo, they have lost all hope! Some look at the government and programs as their only hope for survival. In that, they limit themselves from the fullness of their potential.

Our job, as ministers, is to speak faith. Faith comes by hearing God’s Word. The very Word the world rejects. Go and unlock your divine DNA.


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