If you are ashamed of the Holy Ghost, your ministry is already dead. You are ignorant and unable to understand that true change comes from the authority and power of the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost is God; we are living the times of His dispensation. 

You said that you are a Bible Church, but without the Holy Ghost you are mishandling the Word. Without the Holy Ghost you don’t have the ability to handle God’s Word. You are trusting your intellect; you are substituting the Holy Ghost for a man-made religion. 

Allowing the Holy Ghost in our congregations and in your lives is not a part time thing, is a every moment thing, is as necessary as the air we breathe. The evidence of your shame is the absence of the prophetic anointing, no word of wisdom, no word of knowledge, no miracles, no healing, no heavenly language and no interpretation of tongues. The evidence of your shame is nobody seeking the Baptism of the Holy Ghost and no power to witness. 

You follow a business formula, you entertain, but nobody is changing. If your church was weakened by the Cortona virus; if people are afraid of coming together because of a virus with a 99.4 survival rate, you have to sincerely ask yourself, what have you been preaching? Churches going out of business, some embracing an online and unbiblical formula of church, afraid of getting out of the house… paralyzed by the lying tongues of the press and social media. 

You need the Holy Ghost, your ministry needs the Holy Ghost, not in a once-a-month basis, not every now and then, but NOW and every moment. You need the Holy Ghost for your own survival. HE saved you, HE gives you power to witness, He gives you gifts for the edification of the church, He teaches you the deeper things of God and, He gives you the fruit your character needs. 

YOU ARE NOTHING without the Holy Ghost! Ashamed of the Holy Ghost? You don’t have a chance… your social club will see a great destruction. Repent, get out of the way and let the Holy Ghost have HIS way… You work for Him, you MUST flow with Him, not the other way around. 

Get your pride out of the way; you of little faith… stop trusting yourself, your denomination and ways above the Holy Ghost. 

There is a cleansing coming, the cleansing is already here… a great purging like the church have never seen before!

You Trump lovers, the Holy Ghost is jealous, for you trust man above Him. Because of his arrogance God removed him. Because of the United States’ pride God is giving them Biden. Half of this nation is not only blinded to the Gospel; they have become suppressors of the truth. 

Trump surround himself with those of the prosperity gospel, those who focus on them and their own selfish agendas. The Gospel of Trump does not require repentance and in that he brought a curse upon himself. Like Saul I am removing Trump! 

Look at me says the Holy Ghost, look at me who reveals the will of the Father… Look at me who is on this earth to glorify the King of kings and the Lord of lord. But you insist in your ways, so I am releasing my wrath; I am giving you over your own sinful desires… you will eat the bitter fruit of your own lust. 

You closed your eyes to sound doctrine; you look the other way as other gospels were introduced; your hunger for power caused you to prostitute yourselves. Don’t pray for this election, for I am in control; pray for yourselves and the lukewarm condition of your souls. 

You are more passionate about patriotism that you are about Me, says the Lord… Have you forgotten that you are not a part of this world? Repent… remove the idols from your heart and follow Me, TRUST ME and LISTEN to what I am saying to the churches. 

The Democratic Party abandoned me a long time ago… they are an abomination before me. But the Republican Party does not represent Me; they hijacked many of my principles, but they don’t belong to me; they have a form of godliness but deny my power… have nothing to do with them. 

Many in this nation will cry out to Me, says the Lord… and I will listen and will do a great thing in the church in America… I will forgive your adulteries and put to shame those who are misleading you. For the glory of the Father and in the name that is above every name… the name of Jesus Christ. 

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