God, are you judging the USA? Is Georgia turning the Senate over the Democrats according to yesterday’s elections? Who will stop this socialist agenda? But you are allowing this and, I trust you today more than ever. Let America feel the consequences of her actions; let America feel the judgment of God; let the world see how worse it will get under this liberal, progressive, socialist force. They are marionettes in the devil’s hands. 

May America cry out to you! May America turn back to you oh Lord! Or turn to you like never before. Father anoint us to preach the gospel. Sin is the problem; the gospel is the solution. This is a far left; a turn that this nation has never taken before. This turn will lead to many coming to the feet of Jesus; we don’t come to the feet of Jesus when everything is ok, humans cry out to God when the chains of oppression, pain and violence is tight around our necks. We know, deep inside, who to cry to. 

The idol of politics is coming down; for we have place our hope in mere men and not in you. For that we repent Lord. Four years before the next election; may that Godly man rise up; that Godly man with the spirit of Josiah and the spirit of Joseph and the prophetic insight of Daniel. I am asking you for one more chance before the coming of the Lord, one more chance for America.

Show your power like you did against Egypt; let the world know that this man; this president to be, is a true believer who will have Your favor and, may his enemies bow and tremble in his presence knowing that he is your servant; a man after your heart and that you will not hold back judgement against those who dare come against him. They will know; it will be public, that you are with this man as you did Moses… Yes Lord! It is not Biden and is not that lady filled with Jezebel, but it will be a man coming, we hope, in four years, but the timing is in your hands!

Bless your people in the midst of this evil generation. As the unrighteous deeds of Azazel spread, may the healing of souls and bodies and the expansion of your gospel be evident like never before. Oh yes Lord! Let our light shine like never before; may us be able to watch our path clearly as the world stumble in darkness. In the mighty, powerful and anointed name of Jesus!

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