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Prophets, Trump, Truth, Lies and Hope

Many prophets prophesied and continue to prophesize that Donald Trump will win a second term as president of the United States of America. Some have apologized as they acknowledged their error and realized they may not have heard from God. All that said, if you don’t want to apologize for an erroneous prophesy that’s ok with me; that’s between you and God; but know that it is your credibility as a prophet on the line. I do not claim to get it right all the time myself. We can all miss something! 

There something else I am hearing now from a couple of prophets that is really annoying me. These prophets are not only refusing to apologize, but they are passionately stating that they will not apologize for what God told them. What? If God told you that Trump was going to win a second term and he did not, you are now making God out to be either a liar or a simple being incapable of executing his will. No sir!!! That is blasphemy! You must repent. 

Now, Donald Trump is 74 years old; technically he can run for president in 2024; after all, Joe Biden is currently 78. Let’s us remember that it is God who placed those leaders in their positions (Romans 13). God raises leaders, according to the Old Testament pattern, as instruments of blessing or to execute his judgment. Either it is over for America and wickedness will increase or, God is about to raise a true man of God to lead this nation. Currently, that man is not Trump. 

God is about to give this nation a good taste of socialism. After we finished this season, I am praying that America make a sharp right turn. I am praying that many young people open their eyes and see the many lies and deceptions coming out of the government, the press and social media. Make no mistake about it, America will succumb to unrighteousness just like every other nation in the world, for the god of this secular world is Satan (2 Corinthians 4:4). However, I pray that God shows mercy to us one more time before the great fall. I am praying for a Godly leader, because only a true Godly leader can turn the tide of iniquity that has overtaken our nation. If God chooses a leader after His own heart, know that he will be attacked twice as much as Trump, but he will be smarter and filled with a supernatural presence of God in his life that will be obvious. He will not be ashamed of the Gospel; he will not be ashamed of giving glory to God and he will be a true man of prayer.

In all and through all, God is still on the throne; He is still in total control and He promises that the gates of hell will not be able to overtake the church (Matthew 16:18). The question is, do you believe this? Is your hope grounded in God’s Word or is your hope grounded in the government, CNN and social media? 

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