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This journey of finding a local church has been very difficult. Churches are consumed with Elevation, Hill Song and Bethel Church music. I can’t worship God with the sound of music that comes out of churches with outrageous doctrines. How can anybody be delivered of anything when the Devil is entertaining us? How can we rebuke the devil on our front door, but let him come in through the back door as an angel of light?

To add to the lie, worship teams playing with track music on the background. Everything so perfect, so timely, so precise! The Holy Spirit is only mentioned in name, but definitely nowhere to be found. A form of Godliness, while denying the power of God. 

Preachers preaching out of books and commentaries while quoting Scripture as a side note. They sound like motivational speakers more than ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Preachers talking about trusting God while everybody is wearing a mask and half of the congregation is staying at home terrified of COVID-19. 

This is a show, some good shows and some horrible ones. Nevertheless, a show that repeats itself over and over. From the skinny jean pastors, concert type worship leaders, women with seductive clothing and… the coffee shop. You can’t say you have arrived without the coffee shop.

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