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A Prayer of Gratefulness: No Other god like Jehovah

Heavenly Father, I love you! I am so grateful that I can call you my Father. So grateful that I know that you are faithful, that you will never leave me nor forsake me. So thankful that you love me enough to discipline me when I get out of line; that you do not let me sin without conviction… what a blessing that is! I know of my imperfections; I know that I am only righteous through Christ. Oh, your master plan to save your creation is divine; no human mind could even come close to come up with such redemptive plan. You did not leave us when the serpent introduced sin into your creation by deceiving Eve. You did not leave us when the fallen angels had sex with the daughters of men and genetically contaminated the human race; but you found Noah; the only righteous and genetically clean human left on the earth; him and his wife, three sons and three daughters in law. You did not leave us when the nations of the world abandoned you, you placed gods over them, but raised one man and started your own nation where you could start all over again and reveal yourself, your Law and righteousness. Through Abraham you continue your pursue to return us back to Eden and now, through Abraham all of the nations of the world have a door to your blessing. You did not leave us when the gods betrayal you and the nations openly engage in idolatry as they placed their energy in the building of the Tower of Babel. Every false religion and secret society find the root there as they worship the gods who betrayed you. Even as your own people Israel betrayed you; your covenants are there to facilitate Israel’s redemption. Thank you for Jesus because when the whole world left and betrayed you, He came to die and became the ONLY way of redemption. THROUGH HIM we find that redemption that we can’t never achieve on our own; for your precious Law testify against us and our condition as sinners. Oh, but through Christ we find salvation from this evil world. Through Jesus is our escape from the fire of your judgments that awaits the devil, his angels and all who embrace the ways of the world. For friendship with the world is enmity with you. Thank you for your Holy Ghost who bless us with your grace, the gift of faith and repentance of our sins. Your supernatural hand defeated the ancient snake, his angels, the Nephilim and the genetically corrupt.  On the cross of calvary you fooled our celestial enemies; in killing Jesus they gave us life. For in First Corinthians 2:8 your servant Paul tells us, “None of the rulers of this age understood it, for if they had, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory.” (NIV) This are not the mere humans who govern; you fooled Satan and the gods who rule the world. For this reason, there is no other god like you. The genetically and spiritual corrupt beings are amongst us today; but no weapon will prosper against your church. We are born again; we are indeed new creatures; not unredeemable monsters. You are amazing; I can see more… I can see with more clarity… Continue to open my eyes, take me into the deep things of God. Holy Ghost teach me more… In Jesus name… Amen! 

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