Twenty-four years ago, at around 6:00 PM the Lord Jesus Christ save my soul in Jacksonville, Florida. What a journey this has been! A journey filled with many lows, a few highs, many mistakes, many sins and disappointments and the pain of regret. 

In all, only God can get the glory for the reality that I am still here. Only God can get the glory for giving me a Godly wife and a family. Only God can get the glory for the fact that I have a job, a good one. Only God can get the glory for the fact that we live in an amazing home that is paid off, we drive cars that are paid off, we are debt free, and I pridefully pay all the bills in this house as a blessing to my wife and family.

Above all, God has blessed me with reconciliation with Him through the work of Christ. He restored my soul; I can see my way of thinking changing… maturing, I can see my decision-making more in line with God’s will. As the result of a Godlier thinking and decision-making my emotions are experiencing more peace and joy than never before in my life. I am a witness of God blessing me with restitution; he is giving me back those things I allowed the devil to steal from me.  What else can I say… It is all grace; I don’t deserve it. 

Oh, I have a few scars, some of honor, some of shame, but two things are demonstrated in my 52-years of life, the mercy and the faithfulness of God.  

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