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Wrinkles of Religion Spots of Men Ways

Twenty-four years of church in my life and I must say,

I have been bored the majority of the way.

10:30 AM seems to be the perfect hour,

Sunday seems to be the perfect day.

Like a CEO with great vision and mission,

but a company disconnected from such.

Creating their own, they operate day by day

All that is left is the CEO name.  

Like that old CEO we are disconnected from our God.

We claim to surrender, but we keep doing things our own way.

We have a form of godliness, we use the proper language,

but is just a Sunday show, a bad show at best.

I am bored with these Sundays and these mornings we called church:

A couple of songs, the offering and few handshakes.

Before the man-of-God prepares to preach

the same message, the same focus, again and again.

Twenty-four years of church in my life and I must say,

I have been bored the majority of the way.

We allowed Constantine to mess with our divine structure:

He gave us the pulpit and now communications just go one-way.

We seat like expectators, over and over again.

No questions, no communication that goes both ways.

The worship leader sings, the preacher preaches.

While our minds wonder wishing for the end.

This is not the church, not the one I see in Scripture.

The one passionate about God, with healings, worship and miracles.

The power of God is not following the message.

The gospel is watered-down, all they have is fancy sentences.

Acts 2:42 is the Modus operandi, devoted to the apostles’ teachings, 

to fellowship, to the breaking bread.  

Devoted to prayer, to something real, to something tangible. 

Something we will miss, like we miss our true family and our friends. 

But I know not even the gates of hell can defeat the great church.

Because Christ has all authority. 

He will erase all of our wrinkles of religion 

and all the spots of men ways. 

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