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The Gospel and Its Requirements


Can a good person make it to heaven, even if they don’t know Jesus? Some think they can. Do people need to belong to a particular denomination to be saved? Some denominations think that unless you are baptized with them you are not saved. Can people from other religions, outside of the traditional Christianity, be saved and continue under those teachings that refused to see Christ as the Son of God? I have seen those who believe that this is so. 

I want to take the time on this series to address each one of these questions and others according to Scripture and, not according to my opinions. It is crucial that every believer, not only the pastor, know the doctrine of salvation. If you are confused in that, which is foundational, how can you be trusted with the deep things of God? 

I encourage you to stop looking at doctrines through the glass of your denomination and dig deeper into the study of God’s Word. Don’t trust your opinion! As a matter fact, the Bible tell us not to be wise in our own opinion (Proverbs 3:7). During the next few articles, I will address the following subtopics:

  • We Can’t Save Ourselves: Only God Can
  • Jesus is the Only Way to the Father
  • Without the Holy Spirit there is no Repentance
  • To be Disciples and to Make Disciples
  • At the Heart of Discipleship is to Learn the Commands of Jesus, that Means, His Way of Life
  • Distinguishing Right from Wrong is a Sign of Our Maturity
  • We Are Called to Reject Any Other Gospel
  • We as Christians Will be Judge by Jesus
  • We as Christians are Commanded not Just to Read and Listen, but to Study the Scripture

To be continued…

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