Let me start by saying that these vaccines are not the mark of the beast; we are not told to worship the anti-Christ; but for sure, this is a good rehearsal. There are many reasons I am not taking any Covid-19 vaccines. In the America I knew a simple no was sufficient and respected. I see that respect quickly disappearing and folks like me are demonized. Some of my reasons for not taking these vaccines are common sense, and some are spiritual. 

The first reason why I am not taking these vaccines, before I go any further, is because this whole vaccine thing has become corrupted by politics. I am convinced that if Donald Trump would have won the election, the same people who are pushing these vaccines so aggressively today, would have done the total opposite. President Biden and Vice President Harris undermined the Donald Trump vaccines before they won the election. They wanted to make sure of the science behind the vaccines and, I do not blame them for that. However, now we can’t even have a debate about the science. 

Secondly, I looked at the survival rate; the survival rate for this virus is more successful than any vaccines…. 98%. The third initial reason, as mentioned before, is that I see how debates are no longer allowed. People are afraid to go against the narrative that we MUST be vaccinated. This is no longer America! So, the more they push the injections, the more suspicious and turn off I become. Fourthly, a daily micro count of people who died from this virus and then a micro count of the people who got infected. Why are we not doing the same with AIDS, Heart Problems, Diabetees, etc.? These four initial reasons were enough for me to refuse taking these vaccines, but then I found out more.

  • These injections or, whatever you want to call them, are not APPROVED by the FDA (it is authorized for emergency use) Read the patient information sheets.
  • These injections used cells from aborted fetuses during the research (or production). Pfizer & Moderna — HEK293, research (fetus from the 1970s) J&J — Per.C6, production (18wk fetus aborted in 1985). As a Christian I totally oppose abortion.
  • Vaccines make humans produce antibodies that help us not get sick, but vaccinated people can still possibly carry and pass on the virus to someone else who may get sick. Nothing is 100% – It may not produce antibodies which protect us from getting sick. (CDC website); so why this aggressive push? Why not focus on prevention; on getting people healthier?
  • The Coronavirus (like the common cold & the flu) is changing and will continue changing. The vaccine will likely have to change in the future just like the flu vaccine does. This will never end!
  • The root of all evil is the love for money; this is all about the money (I Timothy 6:10); so, because animals can transmit coronavirus; to help society, animals would need to be vaccinated too. It is the gift that keep on giving. I heard the world has 9 new billionaires as the result of these vaccines; I predict more billionaires will be added to this list very soon. 

So, these are the reasons why, at this point, I am not taking any Covid-19 vaccines. You may have reasons to take them; that is ok, that is your right and I respect that; can you respect my right not to? Can you open this thing up for a real scientific debate and take politics out of it? Notice that Democrats keep count of Covid-19 cases everywhere, except in the border. Notice that Republicans don’t count Covid-19 cases anywhere except in the border. That’s politics for you!

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