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It is easier to feel sorry for our sins than to actually believe that Jesus is Lord. It is easier to fill our hearts with guilt than to trust God in every situation.

The Bible tells us specifically that we should not live in condemnation; however, many walk around with the heavy shoes of regret. See, the person who believe, believes that God is who He says He is and that He will do what He says He is going to do.

When we believe we embrace each of God’s promises for us. When we believe we reverend Jesus and we make Him, not just a Savior who gets us out of trouble, not just a holy version of Santa Claus who gives us all we want; but our Lord, who tells us what to do.

Believing is trusting; believing is obeying, believing is repenting, it is changing our way of thinking, our direction in life… repenting is in fact turning.

We used to believe in the world, the culture, our family’s ungodly traditions, Hollywood, etc. so we followed those things with our lives; that’s how we used to make decisions. However, now we have a new belief system. Now we do more than feel sorry for our sins and walk in regret, now Christ is our Lord and we trust HIM with everything.

Beloved, we follow what we believe. That is the reason why without trusting God is imposible to please Him. If you don’t trust God, you are not really following HIM. How can you follow who you do not trust? So what are you following? A confortable version of God that keeps your ways intact… you are following a different Gospel… you are following a deception.

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