Many months ago, I wrote regarding my journey in looking for a church in Arizona. For the first time my wife and I took the time to find a church; we usually just jump into the first church we find. It is amazing how many times we spiritualized our disobedience. That is exactly what I did and what I have been doing for many years now. 

I have been hiding my pastoral call behind other ministries and other pastors. In the process I have created confusion, I have been confused myself and experience a great deal of dissatisfaction and unnecessary frustrations. 

Many times, is not the devil and, is not the people you are dealing with who are at fault, it is simply us walking in disobedience. However, in June of last year I could not run from my call any longer. In June 2021 we started Manantial del Valle church (Spring of the Valley church) in our home. It has been a difficult journey, but God is requiring faithfulness. 

Our ministry focuses on teaching God’s Word as we are led by the Spirit. We meet on Tuesday nights at 7:00 PM and, I work with folks individually through the week. I still work a full-time job; that is how I make a living. We minister free of charge as the Lord commands. 

My pastor is Andrés Briceño Ruiz from Yucatan, Mexico where I was ordained December 19 of 2021. I also have a good friend in Oregon, Pastor Bob Lee, who recently started opening his home for ministry. Between my pastor, Pastor Bob, and my wife I find wisdom. I am hoping to raise leaders (deacons and elders) and, in time, ordain pastors who will open their homes also, according to the Book of Acts. 

We are not starting a church at home with the idea of buying a building, we believe home is the New Testament model. We will continue to write soon regarding our progress, doctrine, testimonies, etc.

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