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The Church is a Family Not a System

The problem is that we have created a “system” to start with. The church is not biblically called to be a system; the church is a family. A different kind of family; a family that is Christ centered, a family that has a government (Apostles, elders, etc.) and a family where “everybody” can express their God-given gifts for the edification of the church. A family devoted to the apostle’s doctrine, to fellowship, to the breaking of bread together and, a family that actively covering each other in prayer. 

See, when I was in the world, I had a family; there was no need for a system; we came together organically because our family and friends were a part of our lives; we wanted to be together; it was not an event or a task. We shared each other’s birthday celebration, we watch the fights on pay-per-view, we ate together, we played Bingo and Dominoes; we played baseball, basketball, we went to the beach, we went on hikes and did some bad things together to. It was not Christ-centered at all, but it was a family. Then we become Christians, the family no longer wants us around, but then, we step into a “system”. 

My sense of deep loneliness started when I stepped into this system; with the exceptions of my family in Mexico, who because of their culture, did not lose their sense of family and, except for living in the south (Gates County, North Carolina) where people also know the value, power, importance, and fun of fellowship. Outside of these examples, it has been a rough journey. As I said many times, we are not family until we eat at each other’s houses. I have been in a mission to flow with this vision… I am exhausted! 

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