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Let’s Use Technology to Truly Connect

I think the church in general is lacking true pastoral guidance. I see folks confuse doctrinally speaking, but also hurt in the souls with many unresolved issues: history of sexual abuse, rejection by parents, bad divorces, shame and so much more.  They wear a mask Sunday after Sunday, they know to act and say certain things, but they are hurting and confuse. Many are in need of deliverance! 

I also see the church is lacking a true sense of purpose, as only a few are allowed to express their God-given gifts. Utilizing our gifts for the glory of God and for the service of others is key in entering the joy of the Master and living a fulfilling life. Some are so institutionalized that they are ok with just seating in a building Sunday after Sunday, with no expectation of doing anything for God.

Lastly, the church is lacking true fellowship; the fellowship that leads to deep friendships, the fellowship that creates a culture of trust where folks can actually share their struggle and find healing. We are lacking sharing our lives, be on each other’s birthday celebrations, play golf together, go to the lake and enjoy a good time together, barbecue together, do fishing together, etc. As we go about this life, how many believers are together with us in this journey?  I have been told that folks are afraid of drinking a strange Kool-Aid; Satan has done a good job in scaring folks into a greater closeness; so, we develop this superficial fakeness. 

I came back to Facebook, after a couple of years, to find brothers and sisters that are pursuing the church we see in the book of Acts; but I must tell you all, if we only have a Facebook relationship, what are we doing? If we have the network mentality, what is the difference between us and the institutionalized church? 

My previous experiences with home churches have been surrounded with folks who are bitter against the “church” and can’t even have a conversation about order, the role of apostles, elders, and deacons. Some look like hippie groups; nobody in charge! Some have gone as far as throwing the Word out and just follow the “Spirit”. I know we are up to something biblical here, but we can also become just as unbiblical as the institutionalized church, if we are not careful. 

I say all these things because I know we are all over the country here; it is hard for us to get together for a cup of coffee or a round or golf a meal or something. However, we MUST use the God-given technology to truly connect with one another and not just argue on a Facebook group. 

My name is Angel Casiano; I use to be an Assemblies of God pastor and an independent pastor. I was raised in Puerto Rico, born again in Jacksonville Florida where I lived for about 20 years, I moved to Gates County, North Carolina where I pastor a couple of years, I lived in Fairbanks, Alaska and now I am in Arizona. I have gone through many, many churches, I have also led a couple “unsuccessful” home churches; but it was not until July of last year that I became serious about Home Church. It has been challenging! I don’t know many folks in the community, and I am not necessarily a people person.

I have been praying and would like to schedule a Zoom meeting with a few of you guys. Maybe meet once a month as a group; maybe meet with some of you guys a little more frequently as the Spirit leads, etc. The idea is to connect, encourage one another, received guidance, the wisdom and safety of the multitude of counselors, share testimonies, a Word from heaven, what’s working, what is not, learn, teach, etc. We have different time-zones, jobs, ministry, and our own lives, but if there is a group that should understand the importance of closeness is us. 

The Apostle Paul did not have Facebook, Zoom, Facetime, email, and our advance ways of transportation; I think he would have use everything we have to connect with the BODY. He used what was available… he wrote letters! 

I know is going to take some time to develop all the logistics to make this happen; but if you feel led to go beyond Facebook, please send me a private message and we can start there. God bless you! 


Cell number 907-888-0117

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