Yesterday I met Bill, a 78-year-old Vietnam vet. His wife Sandy is a new friend of my wife. They invited us to their house for a time of fellowship. Then took us out to eat and for a ride around the beautiful town of Wickenburg. 

I am very introvert and don’t do well with meeting new people; but from the moment I met Bill I connected with him in so many levels; first the Lord, deep conversations, some politics and… humor. This is a perfect combination. 

Bill, Sandy, my wife, and I experienced Acts 2:42 “They were continually devoting themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer.” (New American Standard Bible) 

As I attempt to figure out this thing called the church; coming out of buildings, pagan rituals and, routines, at time I find myself realizing that I still need to be detox from the institutionalized church.  There are times I feel like giving up because of how few folks are willing to truly fellowship in love and true friendship.

The church is not a place we go to or something we do; the church is who we are. As God’s people come together organically Acts 2:42 and the PARTICIPATION of the BODY in the expression of our Holy Ghost gifts is to be a normal occurrence. No, we did not “go to a church” in Wickenburg, but we exercised our Biblical reality that we are indeed the church. Our time together with Sandy and Bill was close to five hours. That time when by quickly because it was not the typical one-man-show where folks just sit and listen to a preacher. Everybody participated: questions were asked, testimonies were shared, revelation of God’s Word was at the center, laughter, transparency, prayer, a meal together, etc. 

I can’t wait to go back to Wickenburg. It is a beautiful small town that has the flavor of the Country where folks know how to identify a man and a woman, they are not confuse with pronouns, where they still love the USA, folks who are honest, folks who still have the good old-fashioned common sense and, where folks are not politically correct. These are folks who are honest and not afraid to speak to up and where the roughness of the cowboy is in full display. 

Wickenburg seems to be an Oasis in the middle of the desert with green trees and plenty of beautiful vegetation. It seems like every home has a great view; the landscape of Wickenburg is filled with beautiful hills, surrounded by a range of mountains that remind you of the exceptional beauty of God’s creation. Yes, I must admit, I fell in love with Wickenburg! 

2 responses to “I Fell in Love with Wickenburg”

  1.  Avatar

    Beautiful town, Angel. I have been there many times golfing
    and Mary I have gone lunch and dinner there as well. Sounds like you had precious fellowship there, too.


    1. angelcasiano Avatar

      Absolutely love it!


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