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Personal Health Challenges and Fighting Back in 2023 Part 3

If I remember correctly, I started this high protein, high fat, and extremely low-carb diet on 12/28/2022. This is Day 20. I was inspired by a few folks on Youtube who call this diet Carnivore. Since I started this carnivore-centered diet, I have seen my glucose numbers getting better and better, and I have lost 24 pounds.

Yesterday was the first time, in long months, that I saw normal glucose numbers all day long. It took 19 days to normalize my glucose numbers from 300-plus numbers: close to 400. I was a little concerned last night because when I went to bed my glucose was 84. I was concerned about having my numbers going too low while sleeping. However, I woke up with my glucose at 111. I am on a mission, with God’s help, to claim my health back.  In August of last year, my lap results were as follows: 

  • A1C 10.9 (Normal 6.5)
  • Testosterone 195 (Optimal close to 500)
  • Triglycerides 234 (Need to be at 149 or less)
  • Cholesterol 266 (Need to be at less 199 or less

These are the numbers that I will be looking at when I go back to do blood work at the end of April. I want to wait 3 complete months to go back and check. 

I was also diagnosed with severe sleep apnea years ago when I lived in Alaska and again, a couple of months ago here in Arizona. I am fighting back against this disease also. It seems I am not snoring as much according to my wife, so I have seen improvement there.  

Of course, I have seen my numbers improve before when I was a vegan, and when I followed the Keto diet, but neither provided this drastic improvement in a such short period. When I was a vegan, I was always hungry; that is just the truth. With the Keto diet, I don’t think I was as focused and as informed as I am right now. 

The real test for me is going to be passing the 90-day mark; it is there that I either continue to feel great or, start losing energy or interest or, both. That is why I am not looking for a diet, I am looking for a sustainable lifestyle.

I must admit that with a carnivore approach, I have lost the obsession for food; eating is not as exciting; but should we be obsessed with food? This obsession is what got me into messing up my health to start with. Also, I have never been on a diet where I can say that I am not hungry (all the time). I am satisfied; I am full, but not bloated; it is hard to explain! 

The journey continues…

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