I am taking the time to record what I am experiencing since I started the Carnivore Diet on 12/28/2022; that is 25 days from the time I write these words. I am not a doctor; I am unable to explain the science behind this and will not even try. 

Around Christmas, I was 234 pounds, and my glucose numbers were climbing close to the 400s first thing in the morning. The normal range is 100 to 126. I felt depressed; I felt I was losing my battle against diabetes. I hate losing! I felt that I was dying; that diabetes was a little step away from taking me out. 

I should say that exercise was not an issue, but my glucose numbers were climbing. Something else was also hurting me, my sleep apnea. I was diagnosed years ago with Severe Sleep Apnea but refused to use my CPAP Machine. It got to a point where I could not ignore my sleep issues anymore. I woke up several nights, in the middle of the night, unable to breathe! Scary! Because of it, I decided to go back to see a doctor on a consistence basis.

When I went back to see my doctor, she added one more diagnosis. In addition to diabetes and Sleep Apnea, she added high blood pressure.  I felt like crap! I kept exercising, but I started giving up on diets. I was eating rice whenever I felt like it, eating potatoes, eating noodles, etc. Well, I also kept going to my doctor and she did what doctors do, she kept adding new meds to address my issues.

I am not a crybaby, but in my secret place, I was devastated. One morning ruined a date I had with my wife as I opened up about the way I felt. Right in the middle of the restaurant, I could not hold back my tears. I think that was my first or second day on the Carnivore Diet. I was embracing this diet out of desperation.

I heard about this diet in an interview Joe Rogan had with Jordan Peterson. From here I ran into Ken D. Berry, MD and others. Their claims were simply unbelievable regarding the health benefits and results of the Carnivore Diet. Honestly, things sounded too good to be true. So, I decided to jump on it; no transition, not going into it step by step, I went into it all the way. So far, everything they said… everything that I was interested in for my own health is happening:

  1. My glucose numbers started improving fast. I have had normal glucose numbers for the last 7 days; except for the morning of January 19 when it was 136. My overall average (morning, afternoon, and night) since January 15, 2023, has been 115.
  2. I am sleeping much better to the point of dreaming. 
  3. My wife tells me that I am not snowing anywhere near as much.
  4. My blood pressure has normalized.
  5. I don’t feel hungry as much either; no need to snack. 
  6. I feel satisfied after I eat. 
  7. I don’t have this obsession with food. 
  8. I can fast longer every day.
  9. And, beloved, I have lost 28 pounds since December 28. 

The journey continues…

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