In this journey of facing my health challenges and fighting back, it has been vitally crucial to say no, no matter who may be offended. No to carbs and no to sugars no matter how delicious it looks. As I am writing these words I am in Puerto Rico on a short vacation. My mom asked me to come and see her by myself; I don’t have my wife next to me holding me accountable and watching over me. 

Oh, my land! The smells of those delicious foods I grew up with are harassing me. One thing I know, If I can overcome the temptations in my own country, I can overcome temptations everywhere. So far, God has given me the willpower to resist the temptation that comes the strongest from my own family. No CARBS and No SUGAR! I am on a journey to be totally healed from diabetes. Pray for me!

The journey continues…

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