I find myself with a hunger for nutrition knowledge. We have a responsibility to present our spirits, souls, and bodies blameless before the Lord. We as Christians tend to go for the spiritual or at least pretend to be spiritual while ignoring the health of our bodies. I have been guilty of damaging my body. In my case, I felt that exercise was the key to everything: to lose weight, to cure my diabetes, my sleep apnea, and my high blood pressure. Boy, was I wrong! 

Exercise has many benefits, and we MUST exercise, but nutrition, by far, is more important. I believe that nutrition is even ahead of sleep. I say that because it has been the change in my nutrition that has caused my sleep to improve significantly. So, my paradigm continues to shift. It used to be Exercise = good diet and better sleep. Then it switched to 1) Good sleep, 2) Diet, and 3) Exercise. Now I am convinced that Good Nutrition = Weight Lost = Good Sleep = Better Health = An enjoyable active lifestyle.

The journey continues…

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