Today is Day 55! I started with an aggressive Carnivore Lifestyle, but I am dancing between the Carnivore and Keto Lifestyles.  I stopped taking my diabetic meds on February 1. I have had a couple of spikes in my Glucose, but I can easily point at what caused de spikes: breaded meats. However, I was able to control myself and get quickly back on track. My average glucose, since I stopped my meds is 124. Again, nothing that I have tried before has been as effective as this. I desire to adopt this lifestyle of nutrition for the rest of my life.

I continue to sleep so much better to the point of dreaming; I look and feel better, and my clothes fit much better also. I have been warned about not paying too much attention to the scale as my body starts developing more muscle. 

I continue to subscribe to Nutrition as the foundation of my health. After my relationship with God, my nutrition is more important for my overall wellness. I am very careful to ask God for Peace and Joy and stay far away from damaging stress as much as possible. I am learning that exercise has many benefits but is not the secret to weight loss; everything starts with good nutrition. 

I am also, exercising my soul as I am working on a master’s in Christian Counseling and a Christian Life Coaching Certification. I find that engaging in these studies is very helpful for my overall wellness. It is important to keep our brains engage! 

I am so looking forward to April to do my blood work. I know that so many folks have so many opinions, which can be confusing for the average person like me. This doctor says this, and this other doctor says that. What is great in this doctor’s opinion can kill you in the opinion of somebody else. Everybody has studies to back up what they say, but then somebody else criticizes their study because it was not done right, etc. So, what do we do? I pay attention to how I feel and do my blood work consistently; that tells me all I need to know. If I must make some adjustments, I make them… I am flexible and not dogmatic.

The bottom line is that, with God’s help, I am beating diabetes… period!

The journey continues…

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