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We find ourselves hiding in the shadows of our own mistakes. Like Adam and Eve hiding from God after the fall, ashamed of their nakedness, ashamed of showing what they have become and stuck in the past, in hurts and depression, abuse, humiliation, and victims of the evil one. Without a doubt, in this world, we will suffer… we know this very well. 

Guilt, remorse, pain, and self-unforgiveness paralyze our future like the venom of a snake. Is it over? Is this how our story will end? Did our spectacular start in the days of our youth end in disappointment in our oldest years? Did our wrong turns and bad decisions in life destroy our potential? 

Oh yes, remorse is a skillful hunter. It chases us down into the desert, where there is nowhere to hide.  Why did I take that turn? Why did I get married to that one or this one? Why did I listen when I was supposed to ignore it? Why did I miss it when I was supposed to hear it? Why did I not take that deal? Is there any hope for us? Any hope of turning things around?

Day in and day out, we perish without a vision for our lives. We don’t know ourselves, so we let others define us. We don’t know our God-given gifts, so we do what we hate to do every day from 9 to 5. 

The shadows of our mistakes are like a night in the woods.  The shades of the injustices against us are like a night without the moon in a countryside town. Our future has been hijacked! Our dreams have been silenced like the opposite voices in a communist country. 

Who will rescue us? Jesus, who is the Lord of lords and King of kings! Jesus, our redeemer, through his blood, our sins have been forgiven; He blooded out our transgressions, and our iniquity is no more. Jesus gave us the power of deliverance, healing our soul and body, and reconciliation with the Father… Jesus, in HIM and through HIM, is hope and the painting of our future… a vision written with HIS blood, our restitution, our assignment, and our purpose for the future is found in Jesus. 

Jesus brings us from under the shadows of mistakes and shame into our vision and mission through his power. Look ahead and forget those things behind you; look up to the mountains and the promised land of your destiny. You are unstoppable, more than an overcomer; you are victorious in HIM, who gave HIS life so that we may have a future.

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  1. Amen !!


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