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Personal Health Challenges and Fighting Back in 2023 Part 13

There is a sincere desire for victory in my life, but success will take hard work and is even more complicated than I expected. We all search for a magic pill, formula, and quick fix, but it does not exist. Unfortunately, three things hinder success in my life related to lifestyle changes in how I eat: 1) decades of bad eating habits, 2) my food addictions, and 3) my age. I must realize that true healing will take months or maybe years and will be extremely difficult. There is no easy way out.

It has been two and a half months since I started this fight to recover my health. In every diet I have tried, this is the point where things start breaking. This is the point where I start falling off the rails. If I can describe this short journey so far with one word, it would be “humbling.” If I could use a second word, it would be “frustrating.” Diabetes is not going down without a fight. This is a very intense battle. 

The positives are that my body has changed for the good: 1) I look much better, and 2) I feel much better, but My body seems to resist insulin very strongly. That thing that is supposed to remove the sugar from my blood either went on vacation or died altogether. 

With all I have given up, I am still struggling. No rice, bread, noodles, potatoes, cereals, candy, chocolate, cookies, sodas, etc., and my glucose numbers have been increasing significantly for the last three weeks. I can look at the breaded meat and shrimp I have eaten; maybe I can blame the Stevia sweetener and even sunflowers seeds. But I used to eat these things in addition to the list I described. How can I eliminate so much and still struggle like I am right now? Did I jump the gun to stop taking my medications? I will keep pressing on… the journey continues…

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