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To Those Who Feel Invisible and Ignored

David developed confidence in God in the fields as he protected the sheep from tigers, bears, and wild animals. Today, if any of us see a bear coming our way, it would be a death sentence; but not for David; for David, it was another day on the job. So be careful not to underestimate what you are doing today; this adversity could launch you into fulfilling God’s vision for your life.

There is no way around adversity; it is how God trains his people and how we develop spiritual muscles of faith. It is in adversity and in challenging times that God glorifies himself. So, when everybody else quits, and folks run and throw the tower of defeat, wait on the Lord without wavering. When that day comes, you will know, and everybody else around you will learn that you are the one called and prepare for such time to face the challenge. 

That day came for David when Israel was paralyzed in fear. The Philistines offered their champion, Goliath. A highly skillful soldier who was 9 feet tall and probably over 350 pounds of muscle.  But for David, it was nothing; it was just another day on the job. Goliath probably was an easier rival compared to bears and lions. David did not need anything from men; what he learned came from God, and in His name, this little teenage boy accepted the challenges, and, with one rock thrown with divine precision, David did the impossible; he killed the giant Goliath.

From that victory, the nation of Israel saw David’s greatness… he was no longer unknown… he was no longer invisible; he was now a warrior, a psalmist, and later, a great king, but above all, a man after God’s own heart. So, I say to you, fear not, in the name of the Lord… go after the goliaths of your life… you are ready… in the Lord… you are ready, like David… you are ready!

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