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Personal Health Challenges and Fighting Back in 2023 Part 15

On December 28, 2022, I started to change my diet drastically. I have eliminated sugar and minimized carbs like never before in my life. First, I started carnivore; then, I had a few weeks of embracing a more Keto Diet approach to eating and then went back to carnivore. It has not been a perfect carnivore; I still drink coffee, and occasionally, McDonald’s Chicken nuggets and fish patties have called my name successfully. The problem is that both are breaded. I am even eliminating artificial sweeteners. 

I mean, this has been a drastic change. However, my glucose has been high for the last several weeks; I am talking about over two hundred. So, what is it that I am doing wrong? I knew how detrimental stress can be to our health; during the last several weeks, I have understood personally to what extent. The reality is that things have changed in my job; I have been miserable there. I went from about 59 clients to 72, then a radical jump to 166. The workload was impossible, and my supervisor was intolerable. 

I had two choices, 1) to continue in that atmosphere or 2) to leave. So many people stay in jobs that are killing them; they are bitter, always talking pessimistically about their job, and under much stress that affects them and their families; it affects their moods and the way they see life, and it sucks any vision or dreams you may have for your life. I found myself in a vicious circle; I was going nowhere! So, I decided to be free from that mess and move on to my next career chapter. 

I know that it will be soon that my numbers will normalize again. One of the many benefits of the simplicity of the Carnivore Diet is that it is straightforward to pinpoint what is hurting you; in my case, it was one thing and one thing only… stress! No job is worth our wellness, our peace, and our joy. 

To be continued…

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