Víctimas o Vencedores


Para comenzar quiero establecer que nosotros como Cristianos no somos víctimas. El vernos como víctimas es una directa contradicción a las Escrituras. El no ser víctimas no significa ausencia de sufrimiento; el sufrimiento es garantizado.[1]En 2 de Timoteo 4:7-8 el Apóstol Pablo nos habló de la batalla que el peleó durante su vida como Cristiano. El Salmo 34:19 nos dice que “Muchos son los males del justo, pero de todos ellos lo librará el SEÑOR.” (Reina Valera Actualizada 2015) Entendemos que esta vida no es fácil para el Cristiano; mas el énfasis no puede ser el sufrimiento, sino el poder de Dios para echarnos adelante.

            Apocalipsis 12:11 nos dice, “Y ellos lo han vencido por causa de la sangre del Cordero y de la palabra del testimonio de ellos, porque no amaron sus vidas hasta la muerte.” (RVA 2015) Todo Cristiano tiene record de sobrevivencia. No hay necesidad de vencer si no pasamos por la batalla. No es que buscamos pelea es que la pelea viene a nosotros. Acordémonos de que el diablo viene a robar, matar y a destruir (Juan 10:10), por eso es que él es nuestro enemigo. Hermanos, esto nos es un juego, tenemos un enemigo con el cual no hay posibilidad de reconciliación y el cual carece de amor y de misericordia; él se deleita en la maldad… en las mentiras, en los robos y en los asesinatos.

            La palabra Vencedores en Apocalipsis 12:11 es la palabra Griega “Nike” que significa Victoria.[2]Los famosos zapatos “Nike” sacaron el nombre de la Biblia. Hermanos, en el 2018 quizás pasaste por un divorcio, quizás perdiste un ser querido, quizás fuiste diagnosticado con cáncer, quizás perdiste tu trabajo, quizás sufriste traición o quizás cometiste tu más grande y bochornoso error. No pierdas tu fe en Dios, arrepiéntete de tus pecados, perdona a los que te traicionaron y dale tus lágrimas a Dios. Al comenzar del año 2019, agárrate de esta promesa,  “…en todas estas cosas somos más que vencedores por medio de aquel que nos amó.”  Romanos 8:37 (RCA 2015)

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The Seed of Socialism


Well, it seems like the millennial generation prefers socialism over capitalism. I was thinking today, where is it that this mentality comes from? Are they aware of what is going on in Venezuela?  Are they aware of the historical failure of socialism? As I was watching dishes today, a strong taught came to my mind, the seed of socialism started at home.

            We, as responsible parents, want to give our children all they need. Many go as far as giving them all they want without even considering if they are ready to receive such. In this process, we are raising a generation where chores were not mandatory; where our children did not have to work for anything; no consequences and no discipline.

            We bought them the latest video games; so they vegetated for hours. We gave them full and unlimited access to the Internet; so now is ok to talk to strangers. And, we bought them iPhones so that they can stay connected with anybody… but us. We made sure we bought them the cool shoes and clothing that reflected exactly how they wanted to express themselves. Absolute truths are antique, a thing of the past; there is now nothing to hold us together; no respect for anything!

            The idea of earning anything is an abomination for many of these millennials. The idea of winning and loosing is unfair or… RACIST! We no longer need to work hard for ANYTHING; others MUST do it for US. Beloved, when the pride and dignity of working for your stuff is taken away, when you expect and demand others to do what you are ABLE to do yourself… THERE… is the seed of socialism.

The Gospel that Offend

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The Gospel is offensive. As a mater fact, Jesus is referred in Scripture as “…the rock of offence.” (I Peter 2:8). We live in a world where there are no absolutes, where everybody is able to be whatever they want to be regardless of the truth. We live in a world where a man can say that he is a woman and a woman can say that she is a man and if we dare to point out to what, up to a few years ago, was obvious, we will be accused of intolerant, racist, haters and the list goes on and on.

            The gospel establishes that, without Christ, we are destined to hell, that we are sinners and that we need a Saviour.  On top of that, the Gospel establishes that only Jesus has the power to save (Acts 4:11). These Biblical truths are establishing, very clearly, that something is wrong with us, that we need some serious help and, that there is only one remedy for our problem. Jesus declared in John 14:6, “…I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. (NIV) Today, these words are considered fighting words for sure. The world hates the message of the Gospel.

            In its simplest form the word Gospel means “good news.” This good news is in direct contrast with bad news. The bad news is that no human being in his/her own power or merit is able to enter into God’s Kingdom. The good news is that through Christ and, Christ alone, we will be able to enjoy eternal life with God. By the miracle of grace and through the power of faith given by God (Ephesians 2:8-9), we then are given the ability to repent of our sins, believe in the testimony of Christ, His birth, life, death and resurrection and be saved from hell. Our confession then, becomes the reflection of what God has already done in our hearts (Romans 10:9-10).

            The good news does not stop there; there is a promise of deliverance, there is a promise of redemption and there is a promise of restitution. The good news is that Christ’s blood did not only cleanse us from our sins and transgressions, but it is powerful enough to blot-out our iniquities and deliver us from curses. The good news is that God has a plan for us, not just a plan, but an excellent one. The good news is every promise and every blessing the Word of God has for us.

            The problem is that, in the name of not offending, we compromised. We have created this illusion that by just showing up we are ministering the gospel. That we can communicate the gospel without telling the story of the gospel; that we can create programs, ministries and, if we just give people free stuff and are nice to them, we have done out job. We avoid, at all cost, giving to people what people really need, the TRUTH. That truth may cost us persecution, that truth may cost us some friends, a job, a promotion or even our own lives, so it becomes easier to compromised. In that process we become adulterous by becoming friends of the world. In doing so, we become enemies of God (James 4:4).

            Now, let’s face it, it is vital that we maintain a good testimony before unbelievers[1]. After all, we are in this world with them[2]. Nevertheless, we are told, specifically not to partake of their wickedness[3], to get out of the secular system[4]and to not be conformed to the pattern of this world[5]. It is impossible to minister the gospel while partaking of their wickedness. Impossible! So I leave you with these words,

14 How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them? 15 And how can anyone preach unless they are sent? As it is written: “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!” Romans 10:14-15 (NIV)




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Tainted Mirrors


We have allowed agitators; men with selfish agendas, delinquency and greed for political power take away the validity of our cry. We are lacking the spiritual force to inspire true change. We lack intellectual clarity to give meaning to our historical tears. America is divided, everybody knows that and everybody says that! America is wounded with an infected wound.

         America needs to go beyond images and fancy rhetoric and take a deeper look at the result of things. America needs to go beyond money and find satisfaction beyond material possessions. The Scripture asks the question, “What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?”[1]I celebrate the success in the economy, low unemployment rate and job creation; but we can’t loose our souls in the process; we can’t loose ourselves as a nation and we definitely can’t loose our faith in God.

         We, as Christians, must be anointed and equipped to articulate the Gospel, to teach God’s principles and to walk in power. God is good and the ONLY hope for mankind. We, as Christians, must expose doctrines of devils and those who are hijacking our faith in the name of a conservative ideology. Christ is Christ all by himself!!!!        Beloved, it does not start with the government or the system; it starts with us! We must get done what we have the divine ability to get done. We must love God… FIRST and, we must love us SECOND. We have allowed the historical injustices that our ancestors suffered, to bring down the value of the appraisal of our souls. We are bringing down our own value through our music, as we celebrate murdering one another, through violence and the degradation of our women and neglecting of our own children.

         Beloved, we are valuable; we are royalty and sons and daughters of the King of all kings.  CNN is not America; Fox is not America and Hollywood is not America… they are tainted mirrors of what they want us to see… open your eyes and see for yourself.

[1]Mark 8:36 (NIV)

Golf and the Way I Think


Nothing has challenge the way I think like the game of golf. To be a successful golfer you must be optimistic and confident. That’s is not going to guaranty that you will be successful in every single shot you make; but without optimism and confident you won’t go too far in this sport.

            Dr. Bob Rotella, in his book, Golf Is Not a Game of Perfect, stated, “People by and large become what they think about themselves.” This is not an original thought; it is actually a Biblical principle. In Proverbs 23:7 the Bible tells us, “For as he thinks in his heart, so is he…” New King James Version (NKJV). We truly are what we think. As I work on my swing, club selection, the short game and all of the aspect of golf, I must keep in mind optimism and confidence. This is not a call to endorse arrogance; but a reminder of the power of our own minds; the power of the way we think.

            I am now reading a second book by Dr. Rotella, this one is entitle, The Unstoppable Golfer: Trusting Your Mind & Short Game to Achieve Greatness. Dr. Rotella makes the point that the successful golfer is psychologically strong. He explains that even as golfers do make bad shots; they do not dwell in them. He explains by stating, “Psychological hardiness is, more than anything, a choice. You decide how you are going to think, how you are going to perceive what happens in your life. You may think this is difficult, but it is one of the things that great golfers do. They remember their good shots and their triumphs.”

            I could use brutal force in any other sport; I can get angry and react accordingly and it may help me. That kind of approach does not work in golf. I must get rid of any frustration, anger, fear, insecurity, etc. and visualize greatness at all times. If I don’t, is going to cost me greatly; my shots will be consistently be in the woods or over water. On the other hand, If I do hit my ball deep into the woods or into the water; whatever the situation may be, I must stay cool; look for a way out, recover and move on. The quicker I get those horrible shots out of my mind, the better. I argue that this is a parallel with life itself. The Bible specifically tells us what to think about, Philippians 4:8 tell us,

      Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things. (KJV)

            The Bible encourages us to focus our minds in very specific concepts. As you can see, there is a list in this Bible verse. Our focus should be on 1) the truth. The word True means, “…real, conformed to the nature and reality of things.”[1]I am fully aware that there are many opinions out there; that it seems like the good seems to be judged as bad and the bad seems to be judged as good. Nevertheless, we know the truth. It is that truth that makes us free (John 8:32). We should not focus on the arguments; the distortions of truth or hatred against the truth; our focus should be on truth itself. 2) We must focus on whatever things are honest. The word honest means, “…to worship, venerate. Venerable, reverend… represents not only earthly dignity, but that which is derived from a higher citizenship, a heavenly one, which is the possession of all believers.[2]We must focus on God; what could be more honest? To focus on what is truly honest is an act of worship to God; it is the highest expression of our citizenship as believers. 3) We must focus on what is just; the word Just means, “Righteous, just… that which is right, conformable to right, pertaining to right, that which is just.[3]As believers our focus should be on what is right; in doing the right thing and in trusting God as our judge. God will judge all things and he will give out proper justice. When we focus on injustices we grow frustrated and bitter.

            Paul continues with this list by encouraging us to, 4) focus on whatever is pure. The word Pure refers to what is innocent or blameless. This is indeed hard to do, as we are surrounded by wickedness all around us. However, our minds must raise above all the evil in the world and focus on what is pure and blameless. In golf we must visualize good shots; we must visualize the ball going in, in our minds, we must see ourselves playing well, etc. We should not be focusing on the hazards, the sand bunkers, the water or the woods. There is no limit in our minds; we must spend time closing our eyes and see ourselves doing well. Again that will not guaranty that you will make every shot, but you will make more and more of those. Visualizing yourself doing poorly will indeed manifest in course very, very quickly. 5) We must focus on those things that are lovely. The word lovely means, what “is dear to someone, beloved. In the NT, used of things, acceptable, pleasing.[4]The mind should focus on things that are not only pleasing, but most importantly, acceptable. Focus on the good and not on the bad. It sounds simple, but how many of us have been guilty of focusing on totally unproductive things? 6) We must also focus on those things that are of good report. The word report means, “Well–spoken of, of good report, praiseworthy, laudable.[5]Sadly, in the world we live in today, bad news sells more than good news. Negative talk has become normal amongst us. However, the apostle Paul is telling us to focus on those good things that are happening. As I said before, we should not be dwelling on our bad shots, but on the good ones. Many of us continue to focus too much on our mistake of the past and are unable to focus on the good things God has done in us and through us; we must start doing so.

            Paul also speaks of our need to focus our minds on 7) Virtue, this word means,  “…moral excellency, perfection, goodness of action.[6]With the sharp decline of morals in our society it is extremely difficult to focus on such virtue. However, that is where our minds should be. We should not be conformed to the culture and fall into the mentality that justifies evil in the name of, “everybody else is doing it.” Lastly we must focus our minds and look for what is 8) Worthy of Praise, that is, anything worthy of “Applause, commendation, praise, approbation.”[7]

            When you put this list together and take a close look at it, there is no doubt that Paul wants God’s people to be optimistic; we should be the most optimistic people on earth. Golf is a game that helps us apply these principles as we play against the course’s degree of difficulty and against ourselves. Every course is different; every course has its own challenges and beauty. My newfound love for golf is challenging the way I think because I cannot be successful in golf unless I embrace optimism. Dr. Rotella in his book Golf is not a Game of Perfect states, “The correlation between thinking well and making successful shots is not 100 percent. But the correlation between thinking badly and unsuccessful shots is much higher.” We can say the same thing about the game of life.

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Golf and Me


I believe I received my first invitation to play golf when I was a pastor in North Carolina back in 2005. I was not even tempted, not even a little, to start playing this “boring game.” One time I remember one of my brothers in law had a wedge and a golf ball. We all took turns trying to hit that ball; I did not even touch it; that small experience with golf moved my interest for golf even further way. Golf became a little closer to me; every time my father in law came to visit us in Fairbanks; he always came prepared to play golf. Honestly, I could not understand why folks get hook on this game. I went as far as driving my father in law to the golf course and then picking him up later; but that was about to change.

            Precisely, on August 18, 2018 I started playing golf. I was working with a group of teens. That particular day we did not have anything in our agenda. That’s when one of the teens suggested for us to play golf. He had some old clubs; it was a beautiful day, so I said, why not. We went to North Star Golf Club in Fairbanks. We got a bucket of about 30 golf balls for $5.00 and we just started hitting balls. Obviously, we did not know what we were doing!

            This time I was able to hit a few balls with a drive. The feeling of hitting those golf balls caused in me  an instant addiction for golf.  That is all it took! I inquired regarding golf classes. I knew enough to know that as winter was approaching I needed to be working on good techniques and avoid the development of bad habits.  I took a couple of classes with a Hawaiian lady by the name of Bernie. Bernie was the golf teacher at this particular club. She gave me some very important fundamentals. She told me that I needed to practice chipping and pitching twice as much as the drive. I, like may others, love the drive because I love to hit the ball far away. For starters, I spend too much time on that drive; I should have listen to Bernie more. However, she was able to give me a good head start. She also gave me a few wedges to begin to form my set of unmatched clubs. I am grateful for Bernie; she was a very nice lady.

            In Fairbanks we experience very long, cold and dark winters.  The ground gets filled with snow and ice starting at the end of October and it remains that way all the way until about April. As a matter of fact, today we had our first serious snow in Fairbanks; the ground is white and it will remain that way until April or May. That is why the people who are able to leave for the winter do. Bernie was one of those; she was out of here before the snow hit the ground. To make matters worst, North Star Golf Club is now officially for sale. I love the people there; they were truly nice to the kids I brought from Family Centered Services and to me. I made up my mind very early, that I was not going to let obstacles get on the way of my dreams regarding golf. From the very beginning I was determined to be an Amateur Golfer by next summer.

            Play Again Sports is a local sport store in Fairbanks; there they have three indoor Golf Simulators. These golf simulators are very useful as it tells us exactly how we are swinging the club, distance and all. I was able to meet Matt, the owner of the store. As I was swinging the club, he politely volunteered to give me some tips. Every tip was well received and very helpful. In this journey of learning how to play this game I also decided to buy some books that would give me insight into this game I know nothing about. I now want to learn about this sport so I bought a few books. The first book I read was Golf is not a Game of Perfect, by Dr. Bob Rotella. The book is helping me to approach the phycology of the game. I am currently on my second book by the same author, entitle, The Unstoppable Golfer: Trusting Your Mind & Short Game to Achieve Greatness. I am so glad that my golf book collection started with books written by Dr. Rotella. I will be writing about these books and the impact they are causing in my golf game and life, in future articles.

            My wife and I went to New York last week; it was so awesome to see my parents, my sister and my brother. My father in law Raymond also came up; I could not wait to play golf with him and my brother Carlos. I was on a mission to, not only play with my father in law, but also get my brother Carlos hook on this game. Raymond gave me a few pointers and, regarding my brother, I think we can say mission accomplished!

            Matt, owner of Play Again Sports, invited me for a little get together they have on Wednesday where teams of Golf play against each other using the Simulating Golf. We pay $25.00 to get in and the winner team split the money. Obviously, is not about the money; there is not much money to be made; but it is exactly what I needed in order to keep going during the winter. These guys are fun to be around, knowledgeable of the game and well organized. This is a great opportunity to learn and meet some of the golfers in town. I have to tell you that playing that first Wednesday with these guys was one of the most fun times I had since I came to Alaska; can’t wait to go back!

            So far I know that the average golfer in the USA hits 108 strokes. By playing all of the simulating games I have played so far I can say that I am officially a part of the average golfers in America. Judging by my last 5 games, I am a little better than average. Average is not enough for me; this is a game I can play for the next 20 plus years and I will probably dedicate more time than anything else I have done in my life, outside of ministry. I am determined to be an outstanding Senior Amateur Golfer. Golf is improving my quality of life, is challenging me emotionally, physically and even spiritually. I think that golf and me are going to get alone just fine.

Allowing the Devil to Come into our Marriages


If you have been in church a month, especially in a Pentecostal church, you know that the devil comes to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10). Knowing his job description and how successful the devil is in mugging people, slaying and annihilating everything on his path, why does anybody would want him around? Yet, we open our doors and welcome him into our homes in a daily basis. We do that by allowing his School of Thought to enter our homes through his music, his movies, fashion, TV shows, books, video games and everything in between.

         We fail to realize that the devil’s work has physical and tangible points of entrance. Psalm 109:18 tell us, “But he clothed himself with cursing as with his garment, And it entered into his body like water And like oil into his bones.” (NASB) A curse enters through our clothing, into our bodies like water and into our bones like oil. Something to definitely think about… Selah!

         On this article I want to focus on how we allow the devil to come into our marriages. In First Corinthians 7:5 the great Apostle Paul, under the inspiration of the Holy Ghost, gives us one of the most practical advices to marriage found in Scripture by stating “Stop depriving one another, except by agreement for a time, so that you devote yourselves to prayer, and come together again so that Satan will not tempt you because of your lack of self-control.” (NASB)

         The Apostle Paul, essentially is saying, “Husbands and wives, give it up every time is requested by your spouse… Give it up always! If you don’t… the devil will come in.” Notice that the only time we can take a biblical break from sex in our marriages is by mutual agreement to dedicate a time of prayer. As soon as the prayer is over and somebody say “in Jesus name… Amen”, is time to get it on again!

         In spite of this biblical mandate, if you have been married more than six months, you know that there is a lot depriving that takes place in marriage. Mostly that sexual rejection comes from the women. For the most part, the husbands are the ones complaining that they are not getting enough sex. The wife finds excuses in stating that he is not as romantic as he used to be. That may be the case in part; however, back in the days, when you truly desire your husband, it did not take much for him to get you going. Now it has become more complicated than gymnastics. Furthermore, many of you were turn on back in the days when you were in sin; but now in marriage you are colder than the State of Alaska. Many need to resolve an issue of the soul that is turn on by illicit sex, but is unable to enjoy legitimate sex in the sanctity of marriage.

         Under no circumstances can we justify sex outside of marriage. Even if the husband is suffering rejection from his wife that does not justify giving ourselves up to satisfying our sexual desires outside of marriage. We will still have to be accountable to God. Nevertheless, the wife has no right to judge her husband and look down on him, if she has allow the devil to come in by constantly rejecting her husband.

         If you as a wife are not giving it up to your husband, know that you are opening the door for the devil to come in and steal, kill and destroy your marriage through pornography, through affairs and ultimately, through divorce. What do you expect? Paul stated, very clearly, that temptation comes because of our lack of self-control. Your husband is not superman; your husband wants to make love to you and, unless you do, he will eventually find ways to satisfy his sexual desire first, through masturbation; second by adding pornography and third, if the opportunity present itself, by having an actual physical affair with another women. The same is true for a wife. I am not saying that is always the case, but that is indeed the case for many marriages who are out of compliance with the biblical mandate of… giving it up.



You judge and condemn until the mask of your hypocrisy is torn off by the blow of your miserable reality. So easy to point our fingers at others; deny others the opportunity of redemption. So easy for others to zeal and defined who we are by the stupidity of our youth. No room for growth and no room for mistakes. The more they repent and the more they change, the more they are judged and condemned.

My God blesses the merciful. There is no forgiveness for those who do not forgive, for those whose arrogance is such that they position themselves as judges of everybody else. They do not judge in accordance to God’s requirement centered in God’s love and his desire for reconciliation. They established their own ways and become modern day Pharisees, placing yokes on people that they themselves cannot follow.

They are ambassadors of liberal agendas whose passion is to resist God and to kill, to steal and to destroy everything and everybody that gets on their way. And… in doing so, they become targets of God’s hate, for God hates those who bear false witness. This is the generation that judges what is evil as good and what is good as evil. Woe to them who do so, says the Lord!


Missing Christ Over Politics


“Jesus, knowing that they intended to come and make him king by force, withdrew again to a mountain by himself.” John 6:15 (NIV)

            Is interesting to me that when Jesus was presented with the opportunity to become a political leader He simply disappeared through the crowds. Think about this for a minute; here is Jesus, the Son of God, the Savior of the world, the Alpha and the Omega, but some Israelites were so politically incline that they could only find hope through politics.  They missed the Savior over politics.

            I believe this is exactly what we are witnessing in America and all around the world today. We are missing Christ over the Republican Party, over the Democrat Party, Socialism and so on. Beloved, stop assuming that a Conservative automatically is a follower of Christ and that a Liberal is automatically an atheist. Both of these ideologies and all ideologies are human ideas; therefor, they are filled with ungodliness and plenty of hypocrisy.

            So my message is simple… Follow CHRIST! Through HIM you will find peace, you will find joy, restoration, a prosperity that starts with your soul and eternal life… Yes… follow Christ!