Author: angelcasiano

Do you Consider Yourself a Leader?

In this article we will be able to see that being a leader goes beyond telling people what do. We will be able to see that just having people following you is not enough. Many followers are satisfied with this concept of just following somebody, because it takes away the responsibility that they also have to do their part in God’s Kingdom. This mentality seems to also satisfy many of our current leaders as they are comfortable with the idea of members over disciples…

Are You Bored?

In life, we attach ourselves to so many things; our jobs, our families, our hobbies, our cars, the way we look, our clothing, our “Toys” etc. We passionately hold on to many things that are not necessarily bad according to society. However, our un-negotiable attachment should be to God and to God alone.

It is Time to Walk with God

Your Christianity is not defined by your denomination, the building you went to do “church” on Sunday, how anointed the pastor was, the size of the congregation, the home group that you are a part of or how long the service lasted. Your Christianity is defined by your personal relationship with God, your commitment to pursue living life according to His ways, trusting HIM in-spite of how the circumstances look like and having a constant willingness to mature while you die to self and be more and more like Jesus.