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Augustine Conversion According to The Confessions of St. Augustine

Augustine was blessed with a mother who was a prayer warrior. Through all of Augustine’s rebelliousness, resistance to God, placing emphasis on philosophy, joining a false religion and issues with sexual immorality, she prayed him through.             At last, Augustine seemed interested in spiritual things, however he joined a sect with a form of Godliness

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The Doctrine of Salvation

What differentiates the Evangelicals from the rest of the Christian world is this concept of being born again. Other religions speak about conversion and even force people into such conversion, but the born again concept is uniquely ours.          In John 3:3 Jesus made a powerful statement concerning salvation and the need to be born

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Why Are We Hiding? “Let’s Go and Get Them”

Beloved, how can we be used by God to change the world if we keep hiding? How can the world change if we don’t tell them about Jesus? We, the Christians, have the answer. We waste so much time pointing fingers at the government, social services, Hollywood, etc. but here we are hiding this powerful life changing message. We need to stay away from the things of this world, but be the light of the world.